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Price ¥185,000 (Tax-Excluded)

【Product Overview】

Shake free

The patent pending 2-axis Puppeteer is an anti-vibration mount made to eliminate the motion coming from the Easyrig cord while walking or running. It stabilizes around two axis, roll and tilt, and at the same time allows you to easily tilt your gimbal when shooting in follow- or majestic mode, removing disturbing string force from the Easyrig cord.
Made from the best materials and bearings on all critical pivot points, the 2-axis Puppeteer ensures a frictionless and smooth operation, removing disturbing motion in both the tilt and roll axis.
The 2-axis Puppeteer can also mount on a Stedicam arm or a hard mount.


Since there are many different types of gimbals, we have made sure that we have just the right connection brackets to connect the 2-axis Puppeteer to your gimbal. Freefly MoVI and DJI Ronin just to name the most popular ones. You just need to pick the correct grip for your gimbal:

Top handle grip
Handle bar grip
The 2-axis Puppeteer does NOT work with the Letus Helix, if you're a Helix user - please have a look at our Puppeteer for Helix.
If you have any other kind of gimbal, contact us to get advice on the mount.

NOTE: The 2-axis Puppeteer ships without any of the grips above. The grips are purchased separately.

Product Description / Specs

Height 135mm
Width 355mm
Depth 230mm
Weight 1050g
Material Aluminium, PEEK, Stainless Steel, EPDM