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Freefly WEDGE Overview from Freefly on Vimeo.

See how easy it is to set up and configure the Freefly WEDGE with your MōVI Controller.


Freefly SystemsWEDGE

Price ¥345,000 (Tax-Excluded)

【Product Overview】

Gain complete control of your lens when you pair the new Freefly WEDGE with the MōVI Controller. The WEDGE is smaller than any other 3-axis (Focus, Iris, Zoom) lens control system available. It fits simply onto even the most precarious of setups. The Freefly WEDGE is compatible with most standard industry lens motors.

Note: MōVI Firmware v4.02 and MōVI Controller Firmware v2.0.5 are required for the Freefly WEDGE. The latest firmware is always available HERE.

【Package Includes】

Freefly WEDGE
Top Camera Rail for Freefly WEDGE

Product Description / Specs

Weight: 111g Dimensions: 122mm x 55mm Customize your WEDGE setup with the following cables, now available: Lightweight Motor Cable Lightweight D-Tap Power Cable Lightweight LANC Cable Lightweight Start/Stop Cable for RED Epic/Scarlet