Version r22978: correctly order RSS,LSS,RRS,LRS audio track labels when loading multi-channel mono audio files
Version r22974: Fix for Phantom random pixels
Version r22971: AJA Mac driver updated to 12.2.1
Version r22957: fill empty channels in numbered multi-channel mono WAV files (eg. two files labeled 7,8 is handled as 8-channel audio)
Version r22949: Adding audio silence for AAC audio to be in sync with Video. You can change the value with the encode/AACAudioOffset parameter.
Version r22938: Bugfix: The waveform is delayed compared to the sound we hear.
Version r22926: show proper channel labels on sound page for multi-channel mono WAV files
Version r22832: fix multi-channel mono WAV missing file crash
Version r22830: fix multi-channel mono WAV clap detection and filename display on audio page
Version r22752: Fix when 2 shots have the same starting keycode if you cut a prores clip while the keycode came from the database.
Version r22750: Stereo cut did not work: red frame on right eye.
Version r22749: Stereo slip did not update the image.
Version r22748: Stereo Group ALE generator wrote bad tc for the right eye when using the Original TC stereo option.
Version r22734: Faster Panasonic read merged from rev22732.
Version r22711: Able to change the 3perf keycode ARRI scanner compensation with the film:ArriScannerCompPerfShift parameter.
Version r22698: remove hidden setting triggered by F10 affecting overall project color
Version r22694: fix TC display of multi-mono files
Version r22681: ALENeedKKPerf will disable the perfidy in the burnin. In the case of 16mm, there will be a '&' instead of '+' in the keycode.
Version r22590: remove non-standard attributes from exported DCI interop and SMPTE subtitle xmls
              : ........
Version r22580: fixing CamColor and Skintone tools not updating when dragging a look from the lookstore
Version r22501: Able to define the audio bit depth on the Encoder page for Editorial deliverables. There is a new AudioBitDepth parameter in the Encoder Parameter List on the right side.
Version r22447: ARRI update: new matrices for Alexa65 and fixing the size of Open Gate and 4/3 images
              : ........
Version r22405: fix for CPL's ContentKind is invalid
Version r22403: fix for CPL's ContentKind is invalid
              : ........
Version r22400: fixes CDL import from Cuts and CDL-EDL when using the Shift+G window
Version r22396: fix for 29.97 and 59.94 IMP/DCP generation
Version r22392: The ARRIRAW parameters will be the same after "Cut".
Version r22379: Merge of 22370: old style cut and join shot in OSD. Also there are additional fixes after the mergeing.
Version r22330: fix for SMPTE DCI CPL contentversion id was not conform to ST 429-2
Version r22315: fix: Shot cut wrong source metadata
Version r22277: fix: ARRIRAW framerate is set based on ProjectFps if SensorFps is not present in metadata
              : ........
Version r22271: : Audio slip shortcuts working again
Version r22245: Rendered IMF audio MXF has 1 channels instead of 6 in the case of timeline render.
Version r22214: Fix for IMF per timeline render fails if per shot encoder was loaded previously. (OSD-6028)
Version r22206: minor IMP validation fixes
Version r22204: fix for invalid CPL generated if timeline is from MXF source files.
Version r22183: more robust EDL conform so TapeName matches TapeName_xxxxx in the database
Version r22180: fix crash with missing metadata in Sony MXF files
Version r22165: Cannot load DNxHD quicktime mov files into Mac OSD.
Version r22160: fixes an issue causing IMP finalize to fail if multiple video events are on the timeline
Version r22157: fixes an issue causing clips with RGBLin node to falsely marked graded
Version r22074: disable Per Shot & Encoder based finalize - attention message to use Auto mode instead
Version r22067: fix for encoder base finalize fails in case of netflix delivery and missing second, stereo audio file
Version r22053: fix for tcin parameters was missing while importing CPLs -> bad timeline generated sometimes
Version r22032: updating help. For current docs visit:
Version r22028: Fix for OSD-5875: Cant work with OSD if prores media is missing.
Version r22021: fix for rare crash when reverting to a grade in the version list
Version r22015: Updated qtmetadata for Mac to be sync with Windows version.
Version r22014: Sometimes the OSD failed to generate prores files.(temp41 problem)
Version r22008: Fix: Random crash when applying quick looks
Version r22006: LTO fixes: disabling file hint in stop mode.
Version r22001: fix for DCPs sometimes have wrong EntryPoint in xml for audio files
Version r21982: VTRoll page adjusted for hidpi displays
Version r21973: fixes timecode in the rendered media when timeline TC is used but media is trimmed
Version r21968: fix: Renders should fail if the software cannot decode any source footage
Version r21960: hiding 2013 projects from the load page, not accidentally load them (to promote 2013 projects to 2015 contact support)
Version r21943: checksum verify did not work with xml files.
Version r21936: Sound page adjusted for hidpi displays
Version r21935: Reverted sound page navigation direction with arrow keys
Version r21933: Faster load of luxtores. Better exit time because the OSD will save only the new stills in the Luxtore.
Version r21928: fix: custom bins are loaded from bin window without synced sound
Version r21925: more feedback when using / shortcut on the sound page to copy audio metadata to clip
Version r21924: fixes to the checklist (project webpage)
Version r21917: Fix for OSD-Mac: Old Varicam test clips (Snake, Robot, etc) cannot be loaded, but red screen is displayed
Version r21914: fix: OSD-Mac: OSD-created .cube LUT produces a totally black image
Version r21913: Fix for Playhead A/B wipe gives always corrupt image on primary output
              : ........
Version r21896: moviecache and xml folders are now ignored by default on the load page
Version r21894: reframe node added to dailies projects default now to project resolution
Version r21893: removing false warning when auto-creating Phantom pipeline
Version r21889: default tape name in rendered files is FileName
Version r21879: fix to rare quicktime metadata corruption in rendered QTs
Version r21877: Drop to timecode mode is limited to position
Version r21873: further fixes related to deleted clips listed on VTRoll page
Version r21868: fixes a regression causing join operation not to work in (Dailies) OSD
Version r21860: fixes an issue preventing the override camera RAW settings even if TCin is defined in the cut xml
Version r21842: ALE default sound channels is "Original"
Version r21840: VTRoll page does not show deleted clips/dates anymore
Version r21810: checklist page fixed
Version r21792: Fixing KDM generation for VF packages
Version r21701: fix for CDLs not importing in stereo projects
Version r21679: fix namespace for InterOp DCI DCP package's volindex file
              : ........
Version r21647: fix for dci audio mxfs are out of sync
Version r21629: qtmetadata: even more robust unique temp file name generation
              : More error handling in the qtmetadata.
              : Qtmetadata will set exact permissions on the generated mov files.
Version r21619: fixes an issue causing some CDL EDLs not to load
Version r21599: another fix for failing dual archive
              : ........
Version r21593: Quickfix for Zendesk9650:Windows OSD2015 19568 20FPS DNxHD.MXF TC issue.
Version r21566: Fix for images comparison (numpad 5) was not present on video out
Version r21557: parse and join multi file audio in AudioBin
Version r21554: fix for cannot ingest/archive/render to dual paths
              : ........
Version r21506: fix for audio srcinpos is sometimes invalid part2
Version r21503: fix dci audio has invalid srcinpos
Version r21475: sort added media by creation time (except for sequences)
Version r21467: 196 *tkd*: Fix: Video and audio length mismatch in case of rendered AS02 files
Version r21456: possible fix for dual archiving failed sometimes
Version r21437: fix for cannot importFCP7 xmls
              : ........
Version r21400: 25 fps DCP render fix, Atmos load fix
Version r21395: Crash after render: reproducible steps: 1. create a new project, 2. add video and audio media, 3. place video and audio media onto the timeline, 4. add a PSNR deliverable, 5. start render: crash after render
Version r21386: fix for cannot finalize proper netflix or sony type IMP (5.1+Stereo audio sequences)
              : ........
Version r21381: fix for after importCPL to current timeline audio tracks are not int collapsed state.
              : ........
Version r21377: fix for if imported CPL contains atmos data, the generated timeline is sometimes invalid
              : ........
Version r21320: remove 'Timeline' source from imp dcp finalize. User can use 'Auto' mode instead.
              : ........
Version r21316: finalize error message in case of overall video-audio boundary mismatch
Version r21311: J2K/DCP encoder maximum bitrate adjusted
Version r21310: fix: J2K encoder lower quality settings not available on P page
              : ........
Version r21306: PQ Curve support is CSC node
Version r21301: Fix for OSD-5535: audio length mismatch in case of selective audio render
Version r21300: fix for per shot render sanity check is sometimes not functioning
              : ........
Version r21285: modifier looks and loot pack updated
              : ........
Version r21283: fix for finalize process fail if audio Duration is unknown in MXF container header
              : ........
Version r21275: finalize page should auto-select DCP/IMF
              : ........
Version r21262: Highlighted render added wrong files to the bin.
              : Fix of OSD-5528:selective render hanging at the end of finishing video files
Version r21258: fix for Audio track B supplemental version IMP will fail to finalize
              : ........
Version r21250: fix for some imp supplementals TKD importCPL fails (part2)
              : ........
Version r21244: fix for importCPL fails if CPL does not contain a valid "ContentKind"
              : ........
Version r21231: fix for TKD cannot handle XML namespaces. This fix will mainly repair the DCI, IMP xml reading related bugs.
              : ........
Version r21230: remove "Reading asset metadata..." message
              : ........
Version r21213: Fix for OSD-5365: rendered atmos audio is missing from all generated bin.
              : Able to render Atmos on Mac.
              : RenderLength display fix for highlighted render.
              : Fix for OSD-5454: automatically select tracks for highlighted render.
              : Fix for OSD-5484: IMF and AS02 shot based render will force separate video and audio render mode.
              : Fix for OSD-5436: Skip highlighted timeline encoders, and provide warning.
Version r21206: fix for dcp with subtitle check will fail for "Tracks are homogeneous"
              : ........
Version r21191: fix for unnecessary warning message: "Unable to find digest file"
              : ........
Version r21184: sound page, SDI embedded audio fixed
Version r21161: fix: 16 bit TIFF mandatory PlanarConfig tag added
              : ........
Version r21158: fix for generated DCP audios are sometimes out of sync
              : ........
Version r21151: New option to sort PDF report by file name
Version r21121: DCP/IMP validation GUI improvements
              : ........
Version r21115: advanced initializing for CPL merge.
              : Fix for CPL merge folder was not correctly saved for DCP/IMP check window
              : ........
Version r21109: fix for cannot finalize in 'Encoder' mode
Version r21101: Mac DCP generation fix
Version r21100: fix for invalid dci,imf package is created if assets have same UUID but different name on file system.
Version r21095: fix for missing audio from DCI package if timeline contains several video elems, but only one long audio elem
              : ........
Version r21088: Fix for wrong framerate in the case of 23.976 Varicam444 files.
Version r21076: optimizing asset metadata search and removing unnecessary "Reading asset metadata..." messages
              : ........
Version r21069: fix for auto finalize sometimes cannot calculate resolution code for packages
              : ........
Version r21063: fix for auto finalize cannot find rendered audio only clips
Version r21053: Rendered netflix stereo mxf has more than 2 channels.
Version r21051: fixes an issue where pressing M in a fress project brings up a Save As... window with an "M"
Version r21043: Fix for OSD-5443: render highlighted failed: please select the audio track to render.
              : Fix for OSD-5454: select B track->render highlighted->crash
Version r21041: subtitle is enabled on Finalize page if there are subs on the timeline
Version r21039: Bug fix: When alt+dragging audio, there is no visible change on the displayed waveform.
              : ........
Version r21032: Transwrap encoder should *not* default to 23.9 in a 24 project
Version r21028: updating default file names of rendered DCP and IMF assets
Version r21026: fixing runtime generator script (generating extremely long runtimes)
Version r21018: sometimes VF finalization fails if dpx video insert is added
              : ........
Version r21011: Fix for OSD-5470: Transkoder engine rendered wrong frames with trimmed movie shots in the cut.
Version r21006: 'S' key now saves in Transkoder (enter and exit the audio page using the menu)
              : TIFF and DPX media has subtitle in the pipeline by default
Version r20999: Fix for OSD-5436: per clip render should adjust "per-timeline" encoders: confirm window will be displayed to render or not.
              : ........
Version r20996: enable/disable hash validation in settings page for DCP/IMP validation process
              : ........
Version r20989: updated script to asdcp 1.12.60 : "Fixed ST 429-5 wrapping - fixes a bug that cause the header to overflow the allotted space when large numbers of PNG files were present.)"
              : ........
Version r20987: fixes a rare issue where subtitles are not displayed when loading a CPL
Version r20956: warning message for missing reel audio in case of DCI finalize
              : ........
Version r20948: fix for cannot finalize DCP from first-time loaded&created timelines
              : ........
Version r20938: VideoRange node LMB+CTRL slider reset
              : ........
Version r20901: QT DNxHD encoding did not work on Windows.
Version r20877: Wrong(48) detected framerate in he case of the Panasonic Varicam444 footage.
Version r20872: Fix for OSD-5365:"longplay" assets are shown in bin several times
Version r20870: bug fix: Audio reloading problem when undoing delete command
              : ........
Version r20867: Fixes an issue when loading CPLs with international characters in their name
Version r20849: VideoRange node (CUDA and OpenCL)
Version r20848: Fix for OSD-5411: Cannot read DPX from Spirit 4k. Invalid DPX framerate is not handled.
Version r20844: Able to trim a shot with 1 frame source to any length
Version r20843: fix for finalize cannot find audio assets if $ShotNumber$ is not present in encode job result name
Version r20842: finalize window Encryption/Standard parameters now default properly
Version r20840: Untrim in Batch Edit window
Version r20838: Red frame issue at the end of the video track when undoing delete command
Version r20837: Text movement on Batch Edit window
Version r20835: Render highlighted: cannot close the Render window after render if there is no audio encoder.
Version r20834: fixes metadata window and subtitle editing conflict (when pressing E)
Version r20832: audio cache hint on mac: there was no audio caching when no video i/o.
Version r20830: faster embedded audio playback: audio caching is enabled for embedded audio playback.
Version r20821: Batch Edit has set length operation
Version r20816: QT DNxHD support.
Version r20811: Bug fix for missing audio thumbnails in master bin after IMF render.
Version r20807: Fixes RED metadata saved in the database
Version r20806: Fix for OSD-5393: Cannot render wav(sameAsSource) and prores together when the first shot is MOS.
Version r20804: timeline merge video track down feature
Version r20803: fix for DCI DCP finalize crashes if empty subtitle reel will be created
              : importCPL function now can handle subtitle gaps
Version r20802: Unable to delete all tracks from timeline
Version r20801: fixes incorrect camera metadata when rendering with transkoder starting at >0 frame
Version r20796: Sony CPU debayer in OpenCL mode
Version r20795: Fix for OSD-5128: please collapse audio tracks by default. The software should collapse audio tracks at project creation / first multichannel wav drag 'n' drop to the timeline.
Version r20793: Bin not restored correctly if left in hidden list state
Version r20792: Increased Batch Edit editor cell size
Version r20789: Batch Edit will validate playhead position after edit (No result should not appear)
Version r20788: fix for invalid attributes in exported dci subtitle xmls
Version r20785: Fix for rendering the V2, V3 etc. timeline, now the correct length of the media is recognized.
Version r20784: Timeline jump feat implemented
Version r20783: IMPs now can be generated with UUID named resources
              : fix for packageAssetNaming option sometimes generates invalid dcp/imp packages
Version r20779: fix for highlighted audio render: bad generated audio when highlighting more than 1 audio clip.
Version r20770: Enable TargetBitrate parameter in DCP/IMF/J2K lossy encoders
Version r20764: fix: wrong metadata on first frame
              : ........
Version r20762: fix for finalize cannot found netflix stereo audio from B track
Version r20752: Bug fix: Black thumbnail on timeline after "Save as"
Version r20750: fixes incorrect camera metadata when rendering with transkoder starting at >0 frame
Version r20749: fix for highlighted DCP audio render crash.
Version r20738: Initial highlighted audio render. New encode.cpp files.
Version r20737: Initial highlighted audio render.
Version r20729: fix: wrong metadata on first frame
Version r20725: Initial PSNR command line support.
Version r20719: Win compile fix: OpenCL headers used from wrong place on windows because of wrong #define.
Version r20718: Mac compile fix: new windows cuda include did not work on mac.
Version r20716: CDL clipping change only affects new projects
Version r20709: auto finalize fix for netflix type cpl creation (missing stereo audio sequence)
Version r20707: Cuda 6.0 update
Version r20697: fix: HBO AS02 J2K encoder preset quality
Version r20695: OSD now can generate and import complex IMF sequences/timelines
Version r20675: there are new default audio channel names for 7th and 8th audio channels.
Version r20664: do not show the audio channel names when the audio track is in collapsed mode.
Version r20655: sameAsSource audio render will render all audio tracks instead of the active.
Version r20650: The playback mixdowns are updated when selecting active audio track. You can change this with the AUDIO/PlaybackMixdownsAutoUpdate settings.
              : New audio mixdown types on the encoder page:sameAsSourceA,sameAsSourceB,.. for encoding just the A or B audio track.
              : Automatically collapse the audio tracks when we have more than 2 audio channels.
Version r20649: Enable quality parameter in DCP encoders
Version r20643: timecode draw of subtitle event is now the same as audio events
Version r20641: fixed default Encrypted flag on finalize page
Version r20640: timeline zoom added to the OSD View menu, timeline undo/redo added to OSD edit menu
Version r20636: in Transkoder re-label ALETapeName to Rendered Media TC
Version r20633: fix for audio timeline data mismatch in CPL
Version r20628: OSD will now save checksum files to DCIKeyHome directory to avoid re-calculation of checksum files.
Version r20624: Bug fix: XDCAM HD422 interlaced media was recognized half-sized.
Version r20619: Support for Sony F900 XDCAM (xd5d) footage.
Version r20618: OpenEXR: flexible mapping of clip metadata - InjectMetadataIntoEXR is turned off by default
Version r20617: Bug fix -  corrupt video thumbnails are shown in bin after audio only MXF render.
Version r20614: OpenEXR: flexible mapping of clip metadata
Version r20595: Pix upload when python_home is not defined
Version r20591: GUI improvement: moving video events on timeline is very slow
Version r20589: do not add startup XML to generated Transkoder receipt
Version r20588: * revert of 20 587 : ruins dogs ***
Version r20586: PIX upload state reported correctly in copy central
Version r20582: fix: Encrypted setting should be shown on encoder column in case of transwrap feature as well
Version r20571: fix: EXR -> EXR rendering with resize
Version r20552: More reliable way of stopping old sql server in installers
Version r20551: finalize window does not show up when importing CPLs
Version r20541: improvements for multi-cpl folder DCP validation.
Version r20540: fix for cannot merge CPLs if subtitle files at sub-folders have the same name
Version r20530: fix for archive or verify jobs fails sometimes
Version r20526: Progress weights for non upload PIX jobs
Version r20525: Upload attributes progress
Version r20524: Meaningful warning message if no mov files rendered for pix
Version r20522: Calculate creating remote folder / listing duplicates / uploading attributes into PIX upload progress
Version r20519: Do not submit empty pixupload jobs
Version r20486: Batch edit ignored values entered
Version r20485: Batch edit ignored values entered
Version r20480: Sound page drawing on hidpi displays
Version r20477: No timeline upon first launch in certain cases.
Version r20473: Timeline view has insert indicator in correct position when dropping items to timecode
Version r20470: Bin displays the cut when importing CPL
Version r20460: Batch edit timecode editing fixes
Version r20440: Modifier keys reset after Cmd+Tab
Version r20438: There is always one video track on timeline
Version r20428: Bad audio head name when collapsing an audio track with 1 channel of audio.
Version r20422: load CPLs from bin window (new item in File menu: Load From Bin Window)
Version r20421: Drop to Timecode mode of the Timeline view
Version r20419: Drop to Timecode mode of the Timeline view
Version r20418: Fix for OSD-5114: chaotic audio track labeling
Version r20416: Drop to Timecode mode of the Timeline view
Version r20415: Fix for crash when selecting and deleting empty audio track.
Version r20413: Fix for OSD-4991: OSD crashes at clip deletion from timeline if this shot is reimported to the bin before.
Version r20411: fix for render sanity check does not work for image sequences
Version r20409: fix for VF or OV is twice in the package name
Version r20405: Fix for OSD-5117: confused editing if A,B audio tracks are added to timeline
Version r20401: Fix for OSD-5225: Only A track audio file resources are released
Version r20399: Fix for OSD-5066: able to delete audio track from the timeline menu with "Delete Audio Track" menu.
Version r20398: better user experience when importing a CPL into the initial timeline
Version r20394: encoders presets in Transkoder should not have TransferDate in the render path
Version r20393: AS02 video has now proper (=simple) pipeline in Transkoder
Version r20392: fix: renamed timelines are not marked as CPL
Version r20387: Fixes the issue causing VF package generation to fail from renamed timelines
Version r20384: fix for autofinalize fails if src audio length is more than src video length
Version r20376: Fix for OSD-4411: vertical editing crash.
Version r20375: Enable vertical editing merged into single menu item
Version r20373: Bugfix: unnecessary, corrupt video thumbnails are shown in bin after audio only mxf render
Version r20370: Reset cursors on main pages change
Version r20369: Timecode is a valid input in batch editing
Version r20364: dci imf finalize fails if PackageAssetNaming is different from sameAsSource and package type is supplemental
Version r20363: new Panasonic decode libs on mac.
Version r20362: able to select decode type of Panasonic Varicam 35 on the Camera/Panasnoinc settings page.
Version r20358: fix for DCI transwrap jobs failed for finalize
Version r20357: Re-enable 'Backspace' and 'Delete' on mac timecode editing
Version r20355: Set timeline start TC window size fixed
Version r20351: fix for importCPL with smpte subtitles does not work
Version r20349: Crash when dragging into bin from timeline
Version r20348: fix for encoder based IMF finalize crashed
Version r20344: 'C' zoom to timeline zooms to correct size if windowed
Version r20339: new Red GPU SDK 1.9
Version r20338: 5.3 RED SDK
Version r20326: dcp,imp validation report now contains asset's xml sha1 hash and calculated file system sha1 hash as well.
Version r20325: Fixes red frames after EMD import
Version r20321: error handling fix for CPL merge if assets name is equal but UUID is not.
Version r20311: fix for cannot export dci interop subtitle xmls
Version r20286: Results can be added on displays larger than 4k
Version r20261: fix for importCPL randomly fails and thumbnails are black.
Version r20259: Fix for OSD-5206:Playback not works if the Start TC bigger than length of clip
Version r20258: crashing when set the timeline start tc without audio on the timeline.
Version r20256: 'X' and 'C' timeline window shortcuts did not always fire
Version r20254: DPX 8 bit image RGBA support added
Version r20250: DPX 8 bit image RGBA support added
Version r20243: Hidden grades not reloaded to grades list
Version r20241: More verbose logging option added to the render queue application.
              : Ping functionality added to the REST API
Version r20220: fix for importCPL randomly fails
Version r20213: updated Wave panel mapping so tools can be selected easier
Version r20212: Fix for OSD-4949: Wrong ZPosition displayed.
Version r20205: Fixing color processing matrices for Alexa65
Version r20199: Scrollers are adjusted after changing Video / Audio / Text filters on bin
Version r20187: Batch Edit enabled only when Cuts are loaded
Version r20183: introduction of auto finalize function
Version r20154: fix for IMF check step always fails for PKL asset hash checking.
Version r20106: removing strange error messages in console about empty grades
Version r20089: Support for Panasonic Varicam35 audio.
Version r20078: changing the names of some DCI settings (DefaultDCIType,DefaultDCIEncryption)
Version r20076: auto finalize, version 1
Version r20071: Fix for OSD5180: OpenCL ACES 1.0 did not work on MacOS X.
Version r20067: New ARRIRAW debayer method: CFD-5
Version r20028: fix: EXR -> EXR rendering destroys metadata
Version r20021: post process jobs were running twice
Version r20020: better error reporting during background render
Version r20016: fix: EXR -> EXR rendering destroys metadata
Version r20010: The default resolution for Sony raw files is 4096x2160 instead of 3840x2160.
Version r20005: fix for non-netflix IMF encode finalize fails
Version r20000: fix for newly created project cannot import CPL due to mediametadata table is missing from database
Version r19998: exit from timeline only when ESC or Shift+ESC is released / EXD-706
Version r19995: Cannot encode prores files.
Version r19993: fix for cannot import CPL on MAC platfrom due to metadata upload failure
Version r19982: CPL import did not work on mac.
Version r19981: Able to generate and playback DCP packages on Mac.
Version r19976: OSD now able to validate multi-cpl IMP or DCI packages
Version r19972: Crashes during by sort field editing fixed
Version r19970: Audio essence tranwrap.
Version r19969: CPL merge tool added. Window can be shown with 'Alt+D'
Version r19939: Bin / Timeline drop focus indicator in correct position in windowed mode
Version r19926: fix for verify cannot use mhl file. And mhl file is now copied to the "reports" folder.
Version r19923: Archive Disk identified when entering bar code
Version r19915: Select All / Deselect All displayed on timeline
Version r19913: fix for cannot author dcp digest if packaging encrypted supplemental DCP
Version r19910: SNAP / RIPPLE / EDIT / GRADE clickable (sizing are adjustments - will work in windowed mode too)
Version r19908: arri header metadata to exr mapping now can force use values from xml with attribute 'forceInject="true"'
Version r19907: enable general google-like search by default in bin window
Version r19903: fix for cannot create DCI supplemental packages
Version r19902: fix for cannot create interop subtitle DCP from smpte subtitle
Version r19899: SNAP / RIPPLE / EDIT / GRADE clickable
Version r19894: File Sequence Numbering not reset on every load
Version r19890: 2015 builds moved to 2015 folders
Version r19888: 2015 builds moved to 2015 folders
Version r19887: Master bin sorting fix.
Version r19884: 2015 builds moved to 2015 folders
Version r19883: 2015 builds moved to 2015 folders
Version r19880: fix for cannot save timeline subtitle
Version r19877: 2015 builds moved to 2015 folders
Version r19875: 2015 builds moved to 2015 folders
Version r19854: Fix for crashing on some Panasonic Varicam 444 footage
Version r19852: Fix for Mac OpenCL version: invalid OpenCL kernel messages.
Version r19851: fix jpeg thumbnail flip on mac / EXD-701
Version r19845: fix for audio track undo did not work.
Version r19844: check for CUDA driver on OS X
Version r19842: changing cdl and rgblin tools to not clip below zero.
Version r19840: splitting a clip into two on a "dailies" timeline broke audio sync on second part
Version r19831: Fix quicktime long filename clipping
Version r19829: Adding ACEScg color primaries and curve (linear) to CSC
Version r19827: New ACES pipeline
Version r19824: shifted audio in the case of 59.94 prores render.
Version r19823: Adding ACEScc color primaries and curve to CSC
Version r19820: EDL load with handles failed if there were un-conformed clips on the timeline
Version r19816: From 19820 processing version the ACESproxy curve uses the official curve in CSC. ACESproxy color primaries are added to CSC node.
Version r19806: Confirm dialog rounded button style, ENTER triggers the "Yes" (OK) option
Version r19796: fix: Bin filtering with search
Version r19783: Noisy sound when rendering Prores with 48048 samplerate.
Version r19768: fixed: saved default settings did not work (however, please use projects templates from now)
Version r19765: Fix for the problem when drag one audio shot(more than 2 channels) from B track to A track, then it will place multiple shots on the A track.
Version r19762: fix: UniqueID added to the PDF columns -> pdf report broken
Version r19751: fixing the detection of black and white Arri RAW
Version r19750: fix for an issue causing slow load/save when the database is large
Version r19749: Fix for failed hardlink process will force copying all of the rest asset even if it is not necesary
Version r19746: fix for DCP/IMP resolution and audio channel number code was sometimes wrong in ContentTitle
Version r19743: Adding camera metadata to the ProRes Quicktime files from the source camera files.
Version r19717: > fix for cannot finalize IMP from timeline
Version r19713: fix2 for sometimes importCPL creates empty timeline
Version r19705: fix quicktime file creation in qtmetadata (fix rendering PIX to shared storage)
Version r19692: ALE generator now has LUT1 and LUT2 by default. If not used, will be empty
Version r19691: fix for importCPL sometimes creates invalid timeline
Version r19680: fixes an issue causing EMDs not to load
Version r19669: A simple way to add custom python scripts manipulating shot metadata
Version r19667: fix for importing CPL with 3D picture and atmos
Version r19666: ability to finalize DCP with atmos track, from timeline
Version r19660: Ability to finalize encrypted DCP from MXF media and KDM which are generated somewhere else.
Version r19650: fixing bin list on load page
Version r19643: Updated looks, LUT pack added with output look LUTs
Version r19636: rare issue of Saturation not loaded from CDL files
Version r19634: Ability to load DCI or IMP CPLs with multitrack audio (eg NETFLIX type IMP or DCI with atmos)
Version r19621: DPX encoder now can be set to Auto resolution
Version r19619: Sentinel Runtime installer more reliable
Version r19618: Multitrack audio handling. Fix for rare crash at timeline load.
Version r19615: fix: "reload timeline" red-yellow warning message still appears when you change some setting parameters
Version r19611: Fix for the command line probe with JSON file input.
Version r19606: Show warning if license is going to expire within 2 weeks
Version r19603: fix: Shot selection should remain at toggling view mode in the Bin
Version r19602: Drag & Drop image above cursor if above timeline window
Version r19601: fix for imported CPL media metadata is lost after import
Version r19599: Configurable DCP encoder (vid/aud/vid+aud)
Version r19593: fix for pdf generator creates ugly header
Version r19592: Player image view mode ('C' key) saved in presets (Windows)
Version r19583: Player image view mode ('C' key) saved in presets
Version r19580: Fix for OSD-4891 120FPS Stereo: render is slow and crashing from non-stereo result
Version r19578: frame blend node to simulate shutter change in post added (prototype)
Version r19575: There should only 1 window menu item instead of DCP and IMF validation menu items.
Version r19571: Support for GoPro4 timecode.
Version r19569: TimelineWindow will push the HUD by its top edge
Version r19552: Update the command line DCP Validation command
Version r19547: Added Save as... functionality for timelines.
Version r19535: Wrong thumbnails in Big Timeline view.
Version r19531: Alert messages will show if window layout is saved or not
Version r19529: fix: the number of shots in the bin did not update after the first media insert
Version r19527: fix for imf mxf header timecode was set to the source media TC with any setting. New temp setting is added: Encode/ ALETimecode / TimelineTC
Version r19523: Alert messages will show if window layout is saved or not
Version r19522: Unnecessary alert messages when exiting settings editor removed
Version r19521: Bug fix: Stills are not saved in the right order in lookstore.
Version r19519: fix: should still pickup timeline shots without CTRL modifier key
Version r19513: Fix for OSD-4868: No Bin Window at new project creation when the Bin Window disabled in a previous project.
Version r19509: fix: warning appears when you save a grade to the lookstore in case of red footage
Version r19504: Video, audio, and subtitle media filter buttons in bin enhancements
Version r19503: fix: Bad trim gui cursor when the shots are small on the timeline
Version r19502: Batch edit fields will empty when clicked to make editing easier
              : fix: Aron's suggestions on Batch Edit
Version r19501: DCP validation from command line
Version r19496: fix: Wrong editing cursor highlighting, TimelineTrimHover setting/preference added
Version r19494: fix for MXF imported from bin sometimes display mis-matched left and right frames
Version r19493: Batch Edit fixed on windows
Version r19492: support for DCP generation through command line / SOAP-REST API
Version r19485: Shots can be moved on the timeline only if CTRL mod key is pressed.
Version r19481: fix: Wrong timeline video head interaction: able to move the timeline instead of resizing the track head
Version r19476: Adding shots only to the active track
Version r19472: BatchEdit fixes
              : fix: text movement with tab
              : fix: activate start text field when focused
              : fix: enable undo on batch edited stuff
Version r19469: Improved skin tone widget labels
Version r19467: HFR and Atmos IDs are now written to dcp title and annotated text as Digital Cinema Naming Convention expected
Version r19462: fix: OpenCL Color bypass issue
Version r19451: fix for imported stereo CPL timeline is corrupt
Version r19442: Video, audio, and subtitle media filter buttons in bin
Version r19437: Sentinel Driver update
              : part 1: mac
Version r19432: Changing GUI scale will not alert the user
Version r19424: Fix for Python errors at render start
Version r19417: fix for the thumbnails in the pdf reports are upside down
Version r19416: New project creation workflow for Transkoder: You do not have to browse any folder, it will create an empty timeline, which you have to name it before exit. New default Bin and Image positions.
Version r19407: fix QuickTime rendering to network destinations
Version r19398: fix: dragging a clip from the bin to the timeline causes that the cursor jumps to the beginning of the timeline
Version r19396: fix: Stereography node does not globally flip x or y
Version r19392: Updated Windows installer (CDK added)
Version r19386: Resolution characters in the Title/Annotation text in the Finalize Window should be the resolution of the rendered media
Version r19384: generate/wrap and import/unwrap ENCRYPTED SMPTE subtitle mxf files
Version r19374: Updated CDK with OpenCL support
Version r19373: Double free of cached windows fixed
Version r19368: save project as template from 'File' menu.
Version r19364: Adding Unity look.
Version r19361: Warning in log about legacy look name
Version r19360: TKD has an option to Rename the MXF on Copy or Hardlink to Mach the asset UUID
Version r19355: Fix for stereo trim.
Version r19349: fix for cannot add single media file: wav audio
Version r19348: Fix for Mac Sector,Gradient tools in cuda.
Version r19347: fix for cannot save stereo timeline for first time open
Version r19342: RenderQueue fix: sending http://localhost:1080/renderqueue crashed the server.
Version r19324: fix for osd transkoder stereo editing bugs
Version r19320: fix for corrupt timeline is saved for stereo projects
Version r19319: Ability to disable automatic DCP XYZ conversion.
Version r19310: Fix for 0003464: FCPAudio option no longer works, unable to render ProRes without Audio
Version r19294: Missing large scale icons for spaceballs page
Version r19287: Window key status restored after calibration
Version r19284: Using i1Pro framework 4.2.2
Version r19279: OSD is unable to export fcp xml file if target directory does not exist
Version r19275: Timeline view shadow strip drawing fixed on low resolution displays
Version r19268: Calibration gui fixes for 4k monitors
Version r19267: Calibration gui fixes for 4k monitors
Version r19265: Fix for 0003900: TK2014: Add Avid DNXHD36 to Bin and TKD crashes
Version r19264: Fix for 0003865: TK: 24->23.98 Fps audio pulldown not working properly (+1 frame the ends of audio files)
              : Fix for 0003888: rendered ProRes clips have no sound if VTRoll Slate is enabled on the timeline
              : Fix for 0003881: incorrect profile type is written on encoder column in case of all avid deliverables
Version r19261: HEVC MKV HD label fix (QHD -> HD).
              : ........
Version r19257: updated FCP 7 XML generator now has keycode
Version r19253: Fix for look name change problem.
              : ........
Version r19238: Updated looks / look versioning
Version r19235: fix for cannot render shot only
Version r19229: : Initials editable on deliverables page for disc targets (same ones as on old gui)
              : 0003915: Initials not editable on new deliverables page gui
Version r19227: fixed mantis #3898: after CDL export, the software is frozen
              : ........
Version r19223: Using more general qt dnxhd decoder. Disabling optimized DNxHD decoding for now.
Version r19221: : Avid DNxHD resolutions vs framerate updated on deliverables page
              : 0003909: avid bitrates should be updated as per project framerate on deliverables page
Version r19215: : Warn the user if not possible to generate pullback report
              : 0003913: TK2014: Generate pulldown riport gives python error
Version r19211: 
              : fixes error when loading a bin from the menu with the timeline window not open
              : fixes: rendered dpx/exr sequences will not be continuos if source TC is selected and capture/project framerate are not the same
              : fix for corrupt frames are displayed after EMD export
Version r19208: archive with audio now gets to the right place (next to the labroll folders, instead of IN)
Version r19206: fix: ARRI ADA SW decoding crash
Version r19205: DNG Indiecam format fixes.
Version r19203: fixed mantis #3842: SMPTE DCP video assets have incorrect length when dragged from bin
              : ........
Version r19188: Live and OSD/EXD LUTs are separated in different folders (lut and livelut)
Version r19185: ingest/archive now copy and use the correct md5 file if more than one labroll is presented next to each other in one folder
Version r19166: support for Codex Action Cam in Shift+O page
Version r19165: Codex ActionCam support in CUDA and OpenCL
Version r19164: if KDM Generator + is installer and dongle-locked certificate is available, KDM generator will use it
              : fixes: warning appears at first VTRoll slate loading
              : updated Hasp driver for Windows
Version r19160: DNG files are converted to CFLog/CFColor by default. (OpenCL implementation added)
Version r19157: Shift+O window - added format for CinemaDNG + Aaton, Indiecam, Blackmagic pipelines fixed
Version r19151: fix for cannot ingest,archive,copy data files (non-video, non-audio)
Version r19150: DNG files are converted to CFLog/CFColor by default. (the default pipeline is still WIP)
Version r19147: enable AAC embedded audio in mp4/m4v/mpg opened with MFI (cached audio prevents crash)
Version r19146: Fix for filmlog curve from processing version 19150
Version r19137: Crash fix for encoding with "Same as source" audio setting while having no audio track on timeline.
Version r19134: 2K/4K DCI Flat/Full resolution default values in resolution list of Reframe node
Version r19128: J2K encoders now have proper default file naming so they don't overwrite each other
Version r19122: IMF MXF KLV key sizes are parsed for individual frames - build fix
Version r19121: IMF MXF KLV key sizes are parsed for individual frames
Version r19120: conformed timeline in ExD and OSD now has proper audio synced
Version r19110: Full to legal scaling on Mac HDMI out.
Version r19104: load EDL with handles working
Version r19097: archive with audio: audio files now copied into "audio" folder instead of video-labroll folder
Version r19095: OS X versions of Mainconcept libs updated to 9.10
              : cfhelper missing dmf framework
Version r19094: OS X versions of Mainconcept libs updated to 9.10
              : permissions fixed
Version r19093: OS X versions of Mainconcept libs updated to 9.10 (permissions)
Version r19092: OS X versions of Mainconcept libs updated to 9.10
Version r19087: fix for cannot archive with audio
Version r19085: IMF MXF cache metadata files could not be saved for MXF files with long file path
              : ........
Version r19077: fix for cannot archive with audio
Version r19076: ProgressWindow scaled properly on gui scale change
Version r19075: ALE generator fixed so camera ID is appended to the Name even if CamRoll data is entered manually
Version r19074: ProgressWindow scaled properly on gui scale change
Version r19068: Gui scale depends on backingscalefactor
Version r19065: Fixes for DNG playback in OpenCL mode.
Version r19060: Generated Bin not editable
Version r19058: fixes failed look import for reference stills on Windows
Version r19057: fix error when exporting or packaging subtitle with japanese characters
              : ........
              : fixed mantis #3735: incorrect audio length in bin after loading cpl
              : ........
Version r19053: dci cryptographic keys are now stored in the 'keyhome' folder. 'Keyhome' folder can be adjusted on the Settings page.
Version r19050: Cached windows texture allocation controlled by gui:AllowWindowAllocation (allows on the fly allocation) and gui:AllocatedPoolSize (number of textures in pre-allocated pool)
Version r19043: Deformed conformable if type not determined
Version r19040: new setting for IMP,DCP: PackageAssetNaming - this will rename the destination dcp media according to the settings
Version r19039: fix for DCP validations fails for supplemental packages (step33)
Version r19036: Look Blend node initial parameters fixed
Version r19035: headers of batch edit and timeline start windows did not scale on larger displays
Version r19033: fix: ACES v0.71 RRT saturation calculation
              : ........
Version r19032: fix for trimmed imf,dci timeline based generated IMP,DCP have invalid audio data in cpl
Version r19030: fix for cannot generate IMP package from timeline with audio
Version r19028: fix for finalize crashes if invalid characters in texteditors
Version r19025: Added filmdata chunk to the FCP 7 XML generator
Version r19024: update to FCP 7 XML generator (audio TC to Premiere)
Version r19023: 
              : timecode rate of the VTTimecode (burnin) should match project fps
              : rename FCP XML encoder to FCP 7 XML encoder to eliminate confusion (FCP X XML can be exported from File menu)
              : fixes the load of Supplemental encrypted DCP packages
              : updated DCP/IMP finalize GUI (Supplemental renamed to Version File)
Version r19017: MXF direct read option stores frame offsets in timestamped cache files
Version r19012: dcp validation step fix for check mxf track files
Version r19010: Fix subtitle rendering crash
              : ........
              : Fix no spots appearing on subtitle track after importing some smpte dcps
              : ........
              : fixed mantis #3836: python error when exporting png subtitle
              : ........
Version r19008: Initial 120fps project support.
Version r19003: dcp validation fix for some packages that contains dolby atmos audio
              : ........
Version r18998: 
              : - fixed EDL load issues in case of some shots conformed while others not
              : - fix for OSD not applying the global template upon pressing shift+y
              : - fixes DCP Full encoder defaults to 23.9 fps -> incorrect
              : - fixed rare hard link generation failure on windows
              : - fixed rare issue where "invalid/missing shots ignored" message issues upon loading a timeline
              : - better error handling when copying to a full disk upon DCP generation
Version r18997: 
              : - fixed DCP generation for timelines where audio spans over multiple video events
              : - fixed: unable to generate Version File DCP with only subtitle change
              : - fixed Version File DCP creation for Encrypted packages
              : - fixes: rendered files with UniqueID in their name overwrite eachother
              : - more detail progress feedback when validating large DCPs
Version r18996: validation fixes for missing assetmap length
Version r18987: RED SDK 5.2 and RED GPU SDK 1.8 update
Version r18981: fix for empty <PackingList/> tag cause dcp validate to fail
Version r18978: Fix for 0003826: Reordering of the clips on the new timeline is very difficult
Version r18976: dcp validation fixes
Version r18969: fix for wrong error message if validated IMP is 'netflix' type
Version r18961: fix default arial font not included in interop dcp when original subtitle was smpte and the font file was missing
              : ........
Version r18958: at first CPL import finalize window does not recognize that the DCP is encrypted or not, and LabelSetType
Version r18956: fix broken dcp packaging
              : ........
              : fix validation faililg when smpte subtitle is added to interop dcp
              : ........
Version r18948: Changing HEVC encoder naming convention
              : ........
Version r18944: 0003738: encrypted DCI transwrap jobs
Version r18940: fix for sha1,sha256 hash calc not working in some systems
Version r18931: Pressing the PageUp multiple times: intermittently crashed the software.
Version r18929: dcp validation fixes for 3D packages
              : ........
Version r18924: fix: bin generated items are ordered
Version r18920: fix: ACES v0.71 P3 primary matrices
Version r18915: fix: DCP/IMF MXFs added to generated bins
Version r18909: Event handling fix for background windows
              : windows on spaceballs page
Version r18908: Event handling fix for background windows
              : python error when no 1st responder
Version r18907: Event handling fix for background windows
              : python error when no 1st responder
Version r18902: Event handling fix for background windows
Version r18900: Display flashing while rendering on 10.10
              : 0003784: Display flashing during rendering on 10.10
Version r18898: Exit crash fix: invalid clear of lutist memcache
Version r18896: DCI encoder will transwrap DCI source. Please enable it from the DCI Ecnoder menu with the Transwrap option. TODO: only works with full timeline encoding.
Version r18895: Mac build fixes: bad mac c++ syntax
Version r18894: Initial vertical editing feature. You can enable it from the timeline menu.
Version r18891: Fix for mantis #3772: for DCPs with subtitle TKD creates an xxx.title.xml into the DCP package
Version r18886: IMP validation fixes for supplemental packages
Version r18884: proper bitrate metadata (Mbit/s) added to IMF MXFs
Version r18876: Fix for 47.95 audio MXF read and playback.
Version r18873: fix for supplemental dcp from encrypted media (finalize and validation)
Version r18871: fixed - If CPL timeline was not loaded after import the assets were not properly saved to the master bin
Version r18868: Ability to generate a supplemental IMP
Version r18866: fix for 0003703: TK: audio - video length mismatch in case of rendered 59.94 fps IMF mxf files
Version r18864: validation fix for supplemental dcp
Version r18859: fix: Attributes missing in Shift+U window after reloading an imported DCP
Version r18857: dcp/imp validation: improved source folder calculating
Version r18855: fix for 0003776: "No result" after cutting and deleting the end of the last shot.
Version r18854: Batch Edit Trim will trim selected shots
              : 0002796: OSD2014: Batch edit / trim window GUI
Version r18849: Some multiline alert messages were badly separated into lines
Version r18847: turn off Supplemental flag if source is set to Encoder on Finalize window
Version r18846: Support for supplemental package generation (DCP)
Version r18845: Default templates added for 2K/4K DCP Full encoders
Version r18841: fix: Rendered media should be added to the master bin (DCP/IMF MXFs)
Version r18838: improved progress bar message for DCP copy assets progress
Version r18837: Gui scale has effect on Finalise (shift+D) window
              : [OSD - Transkoder 0002738]: TK: Scale function is not working properly on Finalize window
Version r18833: Set Timeline TC Window UI enhancements
              : [OSD - Transkoder 0003745]: Proper UI to adjust the start TC of the timeline
Version r18823: fix for OSD,TKD crashes upon timeline exit
Version r18820: Set Timeline Start TC
              : [OSD - Transkoder 0003745]: Proper UI to adjust the start TC of the timeline
Version r18816: fix: stills in global lookstore are saved to the head or the tail of the timeline randomly
Version r18815: HEVC 10-bit encoding issue fixed (HEVC 10-bit seek issue was caused by this problem)
Version r18814: fix invalid length of audio in bin after importing cpl, adding mediapath to metadata of imported audio
Version r18813: Bin icon vertical centering
Version r18812: fix: CDK image processing plugin framework
Version r18811: Black thumbnails for synced audio in Bin fixed
              : [OSD 0003493]: black thumbnails in bin in case of production audio (wav) files
Version r18810: AVCHD framerate detection.
Version r18807: 0003701: TK crashes while importing 29.97, 30 and 50 fps IMP CPL
Version r18804: Timeline thumbnails after importing fcpxml or edl fixed
Version r18800: fix: framerate issue when CPL imported in 48P stereo project with Hobbit 2 hfr stereo DCP
Version r18799: fixes 8 character long reel name incorrectly interpreted from Arri RAW header
Version r18797: 23.976 fps MXF was rendered for 50fps IMF MXF
              : ----
              : Modified : /branches/beta_branches/2014_beta8_20141014/pymodules/lib/
              : Revision: 18754
              : Author: gabor
              : Date: Thursday, November 20, 2014 6:11:57 PM
              : Message:
              : option to set the frame rate of the timecode track in the audio mxf files instead of the sample rate
              : ----
              : Modified : /branches/beta_branches/2014_beta8_20141014/Encoder/Encode.cpp
              : Modified : /branches/beta_branches/2014_beta8_20141014/pymodules/lib/defaultSettings.xml
              : Modified : /branches/beta_branches/2014_beta8_20141014/pymodules/scripts/imfpost.bat
              : Modified : /branches/beta_branches/2014_beta8_20141014/pymodules/scripts/scriptsdef.xml
              : Revision: 18756
              : Author: gabor
              : Date: Thursday, November 20, 2014 9:53:12 PM
              : Message:
              : post process tool to set timecode edit rate in audio mxf files can handle bigger than 2 GB files
              : ----
              : Modified : /branches/beta_branches/2014_beta8_20141014/pymodules/scripts/klvfix.exe
              : Revision: 18772
              : Author: gabor
              : Date: Friday, November 21, 2014 4:21:22 PM
              : Message:
              : post process tool to set timecode edit rate in audio mxf files can handle bigger than 2 GB files - source added
              : ----
              : Added : /branches/beta_branches/2014_beta8_20141014/Outside/libmxf/mxflib/build/klvfix
              : Added : /branches/beta_branches/2014_beta8_20141014/Outside/libmxf/mxflib/build/klvfix/ReadMe.txt
              : Added : /branches/beta_branches/2014_beta8_20141014/Outside/libmxf/mxflib/build/klvfix/klvfix.cpp
              : Added : /branches/beta_branches/2014_beta8_20141014/Outside/libmxf/mxflib/build/klvfix/klvfix.vcxproj
              : Added : /branches/beta_branches/2014_beta8_20141014/Outside/libmxf/mxflib/build/klvfix/klvfix.vcxproj.filters
              : Added : /branches/beta_branches/2014_beta8_20141014/Outside/libmxf/mxflib/build/klvfix/klvfix.vcxproj.user
              : Added : /branches/beta_branches/2014_beta8_20141014/Outside/libmxf/mxflib/build/klvfix/stdafx.cpp
              : Added : /branches/beta_branches/2014_beta8_20141014/Outside/libmxf/mxflib/build/klvfix/stdafx.h
              : Added : /branches/beta_branches/2014_beta8_20141014/Outside/libmxf/mxflib/build/klvfix/targetver.h
Version r18794: Load fcpx timeline python errors fix
Version r18787: ARD Degeto IMF encoder preset added
Version r18786: fix: corrupt image when changing J2K buffer type (rgb/yuv) in the new deliverables widget
Version r18783: license documentation attached to install home (Windows)
Version r18781: J2K/IMF quality and target bitrate encoder options added to the new deliverables settings
Version r18780: Timeline thumbnails missing on first load after importing timeline
              : [OSD - Transkoder 0003343]: TK: Timeline not appears properly with EDL
              : [OSD - Transkoder 0003516]: TK: Black thumbnails in the FCPXML timeline at the first time opening
Version r18779: fix for IMF validation fails for long file names
Version r18773: Embedded audio crash fix.
Version r18771: fixed issue #3722: Copy encoder should copy only the frames on the timeline
Version r18769: fix for cannot import CPL from CRU drives
Version r18767: Black thumbnails in red luxtore after importing CDL fixed
              : [OSD 0003528]: the grades are imported to red lookstore, but the thumbnails are black (CDL import)
Version r18766: fixed "graded" indicator error (graded clips not marked as graded)
Version r18764: fix for render stereo, 6, or stereo+6 channel audio with netflix imf deliverable
Version r18752: fixes: Some glitches with the Slate entry field on the Sound Page
Version r18750: Fix for the following bug: Audio waveform cannot be zoomed in on the Sound Page by the right mouse click
Version r18749: parse error messages in case of invalid xml added to 'importCPL'
Version r18747: : Black thumbnails no longer appear when saving stills with Element/Wave Panel
              : [OSD 0003588]: Black thumbnails appear when saving stills with Element/Wave Panel
Version r18743: : Menus have correct app name
Version r18742: show render UUID in log, helps troubleshooting
Version r18738: Rescan Audio LTC fix(2) for manual sync point
Version r18737: importCPL will update the finalize window parameters from the cpl xml
Version r18735: Rescan Audio LTC fix for manual sync point
Version r18731: now the Slate metadata of the audio clips can be also edited on the sound page
Version r18730: fixes a rare issue where DPX timelines cannot be saved to the database
Version r18729: BBC AVC-I playback support added.
Version r18725: [0003709]: Edit Rate is 48000 in generated audio MXF for IMF instead of 23.976 - fix
Version r18721: Fix for audio spikes/flashing images during AJA video IO (re)init
Version r18720: audio sample rate is set for IMF audio
Version r18717: [0003709]: Edit Rate is 48000 in generated audio MXF for IMF instead of 23.976
Version r18715: fix for cannot author DCI transwrap job
Version r18714: Stereo tools should work in OpenCL
Version r18710: fix for cannot find cfdigest file
Version r18708: fix for cannot finalize IMP in RGB colorspace
Version r18705: Fix for the following bug: Latest RC4 build cannot open the XF MOV file.
Version r18704: Load page black until 1st resize on 10.10
              : [ExD 0003708]: Need ExD running on 10.10 osx
Version r18703: fix for cannot import IMF CPL
              : ........
Version r18701: timeine corruption in S3D projects when re-loading timeline
              : ........
              : no false error messages during project load
              : ........
              : "change speed" added to the menu
              : ........
Version r18697: fix for corrupt timeline saved from stereo project
Version r18695: fix for audio spikes
Version r18694: Avid rendering stall at beginning
              : cfhelper copy fix
Version r18692: fixed 0003704: Playback freezes at shot change if IMP clips are very long
Version r18689: fix for imported HFR stereo cpl is corrupted
Version r18687: uncode text input when typing on subtitle hud, fixed line break positioning when valign = bottom
Version r18686: fix: Identity LUT generation
              : ........
Version r18683: Fix for keycode dupe detection in the generated Avid dnxhd mxf.
Version r18682: DCP MXF long file name support read and write support
              : DCP KDM long file name support
Version r18676: fixed mantis #3705: TK: unable to open subtitle table
Version r18662: fix: J2K decoding error: CUDA call error
Version r18656: fix: Flip/flop in Reframe node
              : ........
Version r18630: fix: QHD IMF templates default resolution
Version r18629: fix: YUV J2K encoding/decoding fixed in non-standard resolutions
Version r18621: OpZero MXF files were not read correctly with Direct Read option
Version r18620: MacOS X Yosemite: Slower playback and blinking image in full screen mode
Version r18612: Filename in the Panasonic vlut file.
Version r18611: Mac OpenCL lut export did not work.
Version r18610: Panasonic initial vlut support for read and write.
Version r18607: made MFICompData::readAudioFrame thread safe (fixes embedded audio with video io crash)
              : buffered audio frame reading in MFICompData (fixes sub second seeking)
Version r18601: load specific .mp4 files with QuickTime
Version r18594: Fix subtitle renderer producing garbage pixels and unsmooth texts on trashcan mac and windows in opencl mode.
Version r18580: DCI MXF memory leak fixed for demuxing
Version r18578: fixed - 0003684: Some camera RAW MXF files (C300, SonyF65) are not displayed in RC4 build, "No result" on the screen
Version r18570: added TimeCodeStartAddress to IMF CPL
Version r18567: QHD IMF playback did not work on mac.
Version r18561: Providing decoder for XD and XF .movs - rework.
Version r18560: S3 HEVC 8bit playback has bad image on MacOsX.
Version r18558: Able to read mp4, m4v files from the S3.
Version r18555: Providing decoder for XD and XF .movs
Version r18554: EDL export feature, also includes CDLs
              : ........
              : updated skincolor look from Bill
              : ........
              : Delete AcesLook from LookBlend and install
              : Added Ctrl-L lut save option (default set to Lut33)
              : ........
              : Merged revision(s) 18507, 18521 from branches/special_branches/osd2014_supersession_14nov:
              : Fix of Skintone.xml
              : ........
              : update to the skintone tool
              : ........
              : Merged revision(s) 18480 from branches/special_branches/osd2014_supersession_14nov:
              : skintone tool not added by default
              : skin related looks removed from lookBlend node
              : ........
Version r18553: Panasonic V-Log camera format detection and V-Log pipeline setup.
Version r18526: LUT export fixed in OpenCL
Version r18525: fix for faulty error message on load page wizard and fix for cannot create project from template if template contains no encodexml
Version r18513: feature: create project templates, and create new projects with templates
Version r18511: added missing audio sample number for 48 fps on AJA
Version r18498: H264 Drop TC setting disabled.
              : ........
Version r18493: fix for freezing when changing AJA card to non-supported mode
Version r18492: Add support for xml-namespaces in smpte xml subtitles
Version r18489: fix: Color matching from one shot to the other in CameraColor
Version r18488: Audio Encoder added for DCI MXF trans wrapping
Version r18485: halved video out frame-rate support for HFR modes
Version r18476: remove misleading viewing settings DCI/WorkingColorSpace and RGBPrimaries
Version r18475: fix for changed project settings keeping popping up a warning message after leaving the TAB page
Version r18474: fix for long filenames in IMP,DCP (finalize)
Version r18471: subtitle node is now before the reframe node
Version r18468: fixed - 0003566: IMF mxf's metacache files should not be stored inside the IMF package folder
Version r18459: done - 0003628: DCI MXF transwrapping from SMPTE to Interop and vice versa
Version r18458: fixed starting multiple transkoder jobs at the same time
Version r18452: fix: Analyzer corrupts Result1 on high-res EXRs
Version r18451: disregard font face in subtitle xml, always use arial instead.
Version r18445: IMF MXF read / write support for file paths longer than MAX_PATH - build fix -
Version r18444: Skintone tool, shadow/highlight control in the Look Blend node
Version r18442: ALE generator fix if used from within the UI and there is Codex metadata in the project
Version r18438: IMF MXF read / write support for file paths longer than MAX_PATH
Version r18434: New Sentinel Runtime (OSX 10.10 compatible)
Version r18432: New Sentinel Runtime (OSX 10.10 compatible)
Version r18430: Windows fix for bad sound sync in concatenated 24fps and 25fps DAX files.
              : The audio was off-sync in the concatenated DAX in the case of 24fps or 25fps render.
              : Able to render real 60fps Avid tc and ale with disabling the Avid/Avid60to30TCConv
              : VTTimecode burn in displayed bad timecode.
Version r18411: Color matching from one shot to the other in CameraColor
Version r18405: mantis 3548: add sample watchfolder config files to installers
Version r18392: DNG processing fixes and color enchantments.
Version r18389: Subtitle crash fix.
Version r18388: Create timeline option on the load page to create an empty timeline
Version r18387: fix for checksum generation not working for DCP generation/validation
Version r18379: MP3, x264, VP9 audio encoding fixed
              : [OSD - Transkoder 0003544]: TK: The end of MP3 render the TKD is crashes
Version r18371: render subtitle text in italic (for now, only when whole line is italic)
Version r18370: 3553: Timeline zoom is reset upon inserting a new shot into the timeline FIX
Version r18369: fix: OpenCL CinemaDNG import
Version r18368: generate text file report from DCP validation
Version r18366: OpenEXR metadata import support
Version r18364: fixes rare case where some transfer dates are not working on the load page
Version r18361: fix for cannot generate IMP package due to a typo
Version r18360: More Panasonic VariCam metadata and camera image in the guy
Version r18359: 4perf embedded key code in the Avid MXF was bad.
Version r18358: CDL exported from a printer light node is incomplete
Version r18351: fix: The added media thumbnail will be corrupt in Bin if split screen is active
Version r18346: Encrypted flag on the Finalize Window should reflect media
Version r18343: more support for encrypted DCP package validation, including new steps
Version r18340: Mask nodes and shape in OpenCL
Version r18337: fixing corrupt audio events in the bin in a dailies project
              : subtitle HUD update
              : nicer warnings if Arial font is missing (and falling back to default Arial font)
Version r18336: fixes random issue of HUD not working on clips where EMD has been imported using Colorfront Engine pipeline
              : (EXD) auto-change the view result when Text1/Text2 is clicked
              : further fixes for corrupt EMDs loaded earlier (technicolor issue)
              : removing tons of warnings from the log while playback of RED material
Version r18334: #3573: Often failed background render jobs "stuck" in rendering state
Version r18333: generate PDF report for Bin from the file menu
Version r18330: Stereo nodes in OpenCL
Version r18327: can be used on windows with python 2.7 installed
              : fix: windows proof
Version r18315: Fix for MPEG-TS sound issues when there are more than 2 channels.
Version r18307: Waveform drawing crash fix.
              : ........
Version r18301: fix: Detail node in OpenCL
Version r18298: Sony XAVC Slog3 scaling issue fixed (NOT scaled from now on)
Version r18296: Waveform loading crash fix.
              : Waveform drawing fixes and improvements.
Version r18290: Support added for Digital Bolex CinemaDNG files
Version r18288: OpenCL DNG implementation. CUDA DNG fixes.
Version r18285: fix: Gradient tool
Version r18283: crash after rendering inserted video/audio. The audio has bad start sample position.
Version r18278: video out burnin support on AJA devices
Version r18276: Sometimes adding many media crashed the system in a fresh new project.
              : Fix for bad audio and Panasonic demo movie length when drag the newly added audio to the timeline.
              : Panasonic demo footage did not work.
              : Fix for ExD0003556: Canon C500 footage cannot be imported at all
Version r18274: additional fix for #3188: subtitles are not positioned correctly
Version r18270: #3288: Subtitle editing broken #3188: subtitles are not positioned correctly
Version r18266: after syncing production audio picture media gets missing from DB
Version r18262: corrupted FOX IMF encode templates
              : ........
Version r18254: fix: ACES workflow updated to the latest one (0.7.1) - OpenCL support added
Version r18253: ACES workflow updated to the latest one (0.7.1) - OpenCL support added
Version r18251: Fixes: "graded" flag was true even if clips were not graded in Colorfront Engine pipeline
Version r18249: adding EDL/FCP XML import options to the OSD File menu
Version r18245: Archive crashes after verify done fixed
              : [ExD 0003554]: ExD archive job often fails (files seem to be OK)
Version r18242: QuickTime H264 playback crash fixed.
Version r18234: fix: lossy IMF profiles and DCP Flat resolution
Version r18214: fix for 0003541: audio shot reorder not working.
Version r18212: Layout windows if loading a window preset properly
              : [Transkoder 0003507]: Bin window disappears when changing to Fullscreen (part II removed unused var)
Version r18210: Layout windows if loading a window preset properly
              : [Transkoder 0003507]: Bin window disappears when changing to Fullscreen
Version r18208: Fixed #3539: Unable to edit the subtitle table on Mac
Version r18201: ACES workflow updated to the latest one (0.7.1) - CUDA only
Version r18199: fix for reversed playback on Mac
Version r18190: faster progressbar update in render/checksum calculation
Version r18189: A little bit faster quicktime writing for Transwrap and prores encode.
Version r18174: fixed 4K DCP encoder default resolution on Mac
Version r18164: : DCP xml generation from timeline fixed
Version r18163: fixed #3535: TK: unable to change subtitle items
Version r18162: DCI P3 calibration added to menu
              : 3D Mesh Measurement patches read from config file
              : Black patch time configurable separately from patch time
Version r18150: fix for 0003511: Could not load the generated DCI encrypted audio mxf
Version r18149: bad image on computer display in yuv8bit video io mode
Version r18148: realtime prores 4k 60p on mac
Version r18145: : Checksum calculation has progress feedback on Mac
              : [OSD - Transkoder 0003486]: Mac: checksum calculation should have progress feedback
Version r18144: crash when rendering DCP from multi-mono audio
Version r18140: fixed text subtitles having incorrect color
Version r18138: fixed subtitles saved multiple times on timeline exit
Version r18137: fixed #3514 Saving timeline multiplicates subtitle entries in 'subtitles' database table
Version r18136: minor refinements in smpte subtitle parser
Version r18131: Bad image during prores playback.
Version r18127: more metadata for DCI MXF containers (ProductName,ProductID,CompanyName,LabelSetType,AssetUUID,ProductVersion)
Version r18126: Mac AJA SDK update, 11.3.b43
Version r18123: Prores transwrap windows fix.
Version r18120: Calibration will display black patch before actual patch and also wait between patches for more accurate measurement on some displays
              : 3D Mesh Measurement : timestamps also saved
              : Calibration : delay will run the event loop for given time, not just sleep
Version r18119: new settings audio/DetectLTCTimecode disables LTC detection by default making audio load faster
Version r18118: more error handling for Interplay checkin.
Version r18116: trimmed, multi reel subtitles generated to DCP with correct timing
Version r18115: fix: Wrong default resolution when adding DCP 4K Scope deliverable
Version r18112: : H264 encoder options customisable on encoder page
              : [OSD - Transkoder 0003337]: Define the H264 encoder options on the new Encoder page
Version r18107: fix for rendered 47.95, 48, 50 fps IMF mxf audio has incorrect framerate (default 23.976)
Version r18104: Fix for bad prores traswrapping from some prores444
Version r18101: fix for intermittent freeze at the end of the rendering.
Version r18100: QT ProRes transwrapping.
Version r18096: fixes crash when clocking on audio files in the sound page
Version r18095: adding 'checkDCPStandardConsistency' function in case of 'Timeline' based DCP packaging
Version r18094: Editing cursors for mac version(s)
              : [OSD - Transkoder 0003483]: Editing cursors on mac
Version r18092: fix for invalid smpte render generated from OSD/TKD (video-audio standard mismatch)
Version r18086: fix for wrong subtitle metadata (e.g. TCIn) parsed in stereo project
Version r18083: Fix for 0003336: Define the Avid and Prores encoder options on the new Encoder page
Version r18082: : Crash when importing OpenEXR fixed
Version r18073: Support for J2K based codex DPX files
Version r18072: Subtitle upload error
Version r18070: fix error when adding subtitle node
Version r18065: Fix for 0003365: TK: if there is gap on the timeline, the playhead should jump to the previous shot when hitting down arrow
Version r18064: fixed 0003342: TK: avid 720p 145 Mbit mxf video files cannot be imported at all
Version r18063: OpenGate Arriraw loading fixed
Version r18060: fixes: unable to add subtitle node to the node page
Version r18059: fixes grade save issue if apostrophe character is in the custom text
Version r18058: #3471 Subtitle PNG colour is incorrect on display (eg Yellow subtitles are appearing Blue).
Version r18056: Mac DCP render: could not generate good cfdigest file.
Version r18048: Fix for 0003289: Cannot slip the clip on the Timeline when dragging with shift
Version r18047: Fix for 0003422: crash when removing video from the timeline: exact reproducing steps: removing the shot from V1 while there is empty V2.
Version r18046: fix for wrong EditRate in exported SMPTE subtitle xmls. Fix for missing UUID in SMPTE subtitle xmls. Fix for FontURI and Font do not get into database when upload.
Version r18042: Bug fix - When YUV mode set on a green line appears the right side of the picture on display monitor /QHD/
Version r18040: Measure gray levels before and after 3dmesh
Version r18036: Fix for AcesProxy in CSC node
Version r18034: : Create mxf digest when rendering encrypted DCP
Version r18030: Pix utility updated to 2.2.2
Version r18023: fix for cannot bring up Finalize window if Timeline track is not inited
Version r18020: update finalize window encryption/standard values from encoder page/setting page
Version r18018: Fix for the following bug - Audio waveform is missing in OSD (dailies).
Version r18015: import supplemental IMP packages
Version r18014: fix for wrong durations in CPL files for audio assets
Version r18010: fixes rare issue with transkoder engine failing on cut.xmls containing <UniqueID>52535E0267470012</UniqueID>
Version r18005: ability to import supplemental DCP packages
Version r18003: : DCP Generation / Validation works on Mac (unencrypted)
              : [OSD - Transkoder 0003453]: DCP generation should work on Mac
Version r17997: Feature added - 1fps QuickTime-JPEG encode support
Version r17991: fix for trimmed subtitles workflow (DCP generation, subtitleTable do not come up)
Version r17988: fix: TIFF16 to IMF/EXR render fails
              : ........
Version r17978: remove python error when saving in a project with no audio files in the database
Version r17960: fix for wrong casting from TimeCode type to String (like in exported subtitle xmls)
Version r17959: fixes stereo projects where 'stereo' is not in the project name
Version r17947: Increased sha1gen buffers size
Version r17946: Bitrate node fixes.
Version r17944: colored subtitle support
              : further eliminating lots of string copies
Version r17942: Multi line attention text
              : [OSD - Transkoder 0003427]: Very long messages are not readable on screen
Version r17938: J2C format support added
Version r17934: More detailed HEVC encoder options are defined on the new Encoder page.
Version r17930: #3374 Adding subtitle to timeline from bin - crash
              : ........
              : Merged revision(s) 17867, 17874 from branches/beta_branches/2014_beta7_20140925:
              : Issue #3351 Subtitle FadeUpTime and FadeDownTime calculated incorrectly
              : ........
              : fix cuda error on exiting timline with subtitle track
              : ........
              : Merged revision(s) 17890, 17895 from branches/beta_branches/2014_beta7_20140925:
              : Issue 0003416: in case of reloaded timelines, not every subtitle are displayed on the screen
              : ........
              : fixed incorrect timerate when exporting an interop subtitle as smpte xml
              : ........
Version r17928: fix for subtitlesTable does not come up if subtitle track is trimmed.
Version r17927: fix: Animated shapes are not processed properly
Version r17925: F55RAR hud fix
              : [OSD 0003330]: F55 RAW gui incorrect
Version r17924: Metadata window sizing (Shift+U)
              : [OSD 0003421]: Shift+U window should be scalable
Version r17921: CPL browse window filters for *.xml ("cpl" is not needed in the file name)
Version r17920: Automatic upload to Interplay. Please setup it on the SETTINGS/AVID page.
Version r17919: Fix for bad wav render when the audio is longer than the video.
Version r17914: DCI AUDIO encoder now uses Same as Source mixdown by default
Version r17907: 3D Mesh measurement on windows fixed
Version r17906: 3D Mesh measurement on windows fixed
Version r17899: 3D Mesh measurement (Alt+M) 1st ETA guess fixed
Version r17897: fix for cannot wrap SMPTE / png subtitle
Version r17894: subtitle fix for missing font error message
              : fix for SMPTE mxf subtitle has wrong UUID
              : ........
              : fix for DCP validator is not working without internet connection
              : ........
Version r17893: feature: import stereo metadata from ALE (use shift+G)
Version r17892: Ultrascaler always scales up the image to the project dimensions.
Version r17891: fix: metadata video vs audio not consistent (0/false in shift+U window)
Version r17889: 3D Mesh measurement (Alt+M) can continue after USB communications error, will prevent display from sleeping
Version r17887: 10 bit monochrome JPEG2000 (decode/encode) support added
Version r17868: Display measurement time remaining
Version r17866: Adding addition parameters for H264 and HEVC encoding.
              : ........
Version r17864: EDL load issues fixed (rare crash and false warnings)
Version r17863: Prevent screensaver during calibration
Version r17857: : 3D Mesh measurement (Alt+M)
Version r17856: fix: finalize window pops up when subtitle is dragged to timeline
Version r17854: Fix for crashing after undoing a deleted shot
Version r17848: fix for wrong audio length in case of 48000 editrate MXF audio / 'Timeline finalize'
Version r17846: : Updated comprimato j2k libraries - can import generated MXF(s)
Version r17844: fix for dcp finalize window become corrupted if territory is changed
Version r17835: new setting to choose between hardlink creation or copying media into DCP/IMP source folder
Version r17834: Able select ProRes decoding mode on the Settings/Quicktime page.
Version r17832: : Updated comprimato j2k libraries
Version r17831: fixes warning message when same RED frame is dragged to stillstore multiple times
Version r17830: fixes: unable to change the framerate in case of empty project creation
Version r17829: "stereo" is not needed in the project name anymore. It needs to be set in the base/Stereo setting right after project creation.
Version r17827: : Removed deliverables page right pane items generated by render
Version r17826: IMF MXF import full/legal range metadata added
Version r17823: : Metadata window buttons placement
Version r17822: fix: Metadata window (Shift+U) is empty for stereo InterOp DCI MXF video files
Version r17814: fix audio size with 29.97 fps video
Version r17813: DCI settings should drive encoders (encoder should remain SMPTE if flag is modified after the encoder is added)
Version r17810: : DCP encoder fixes for new encoder editor page
Version r17808: store Finalize Window metadata instead of reseting it
Version r17806: Audio metadata from audio mxf files.
Version r17801: Audio info for audio media in the Bin and metadata viewer.
Version r17792: Black thumbnails in Bin after Import CPL.
Version r17788: fix for DCP/IMP finalize stuck
Version r17786: 0003107: TKD should check the expiry date of the KDM and not open media if expired - build fix
Version r17784: H264 MXF frame before last skip workaround
Version r17779: Waveform drawing stops during playback.
Version r17778: crash upon click+drag in an empty lookstore
Version r17776: 0003107: TKD should check the expiry date of the KDM and not open media if expired
Version r17773: HEVC 10-bit encoder fix for failing jobs.
Version r17768: Define the J2K/IMF/DCP encoder options on the new Encoder page
Version r17767: : Deliverables page right pane on by default
Version r17766: RedRocket playback: will not use the GPU decode when rocket enabled
Version r17764: The synced audio was shorter by 1 frame.
Version r17750: fix for cannot importCPL from QubeMaster Pro and wl-cpl + Pylua
Version r17747: fix: proper audio length (projects with 29.98/59.94 framerate)
Version r17745: Detect KDM xml files based on their content
Version r17742: Multiple stream support for MXF files - build fixes
Version r17741: Multiple stream support for MXF files
Version r17735: fix for cannot conform SMPTE subtitle mxf files
Version r17726: shot/highlight/selected rendering with audio on timeline, render fails due to bad timeline length FIX
Version r17724: fix: unable to add Calibration node
Version r17720: remove unused/legacy settings
Version r17718: Timeline undo will recalculate only the new shots' waveform.
Version r17711: fixed cursor position upon editing mixdown names on sound page
Version r17705: raw clips dragged from master bin to timeline have wrong iso/temp/tint settings
Version r17704: If generating file links failed for DCP/IMP OSD starts to copy media files...
Version r17703: Fix for cannot generate dcp xmls without subtitle or audio.
Version r17695: Fix for H264 crashes while loading audio. More sophisticated audio waveform loading.
Version r17687: DCI MXF default node pipeline incorrect after subtitle import
Version r17681: x264 rendered media can be ingested
              : [OSD 0003244]: x264 rendered media cannot be ingested into OSD
Version r17672: fix for very long loading of cards/mags (loading audio)
Version r17671: ability to create non-encrypted SMPTE package with MXF subtitles and import back to OSD
Version r17663: more understandable error messages for invalid Timeline DCP/IMP finalizing
Version r17660: ability to choose between SHA1 or SHA256 checksum hash calculation for IMF package
Version r17659: DNG support for the following cameras: BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera, BlackMagic Production Camera 4K, Sony FS700.
              : Initial generic DNG processing capability added.
Version r17647: fix: Sony SLog3 Cine color issues
Version r17646: Timeline undo with ctrl+Z,cmd+Z, redo with ctrl+Y,cmd+Y,ctrl+shift+Z,cmd+shift+Z; 8k config
Version r17634: Finalize parameters which contains 'space' will not get into the XMLs correctly.	Unable to select language that contains space
Version r17629: fix: XAVC Slog2 input should not be converted from legal to full range
Version r17618: Encoder configurator GUI scale fixes
              : fix: [OSD - Transkoder 0003285]: Encode configurator GUI looks bad if screen resolution is very large
Version r17614: Wrong thumbnail after cutting a shot on timeline.
Version r17603: fixes: unable to add x264 1080p encoder
              : fix for 2014 versions picking up the default settings of 2013 versions -> corrupt project
              : changed default MetadataPath setting so it can be used in mixed win/osx environment
Version r17602: DCP should be the default on Finalize page
Version r17600: update to the Copra exporter - task name
Version r17597: fix for subtitle smpte export timerate value
Version r17596: calculate sha1 hashes instead of sha256 for IMF media
Version r17592: fix: SGamut3.cine color space support for Sony cameras
Version r17586: feature: non-encrypted SMPTE DCP with subtitles
Version r17585: fix for wrong MIME type in PKL for subtitle font files (ttf, otf)
Version r17582: fix: More IMF MXF metadata added
Version r17579: More IMF MXF metadata added
Version r17570: EXR updated to version 2.2
Version r17568: EXR updated to 2.2 on Mac
Version r17567: EXR updated to version 2.2
Version r17565: fix for Transkoder cannot finalize DCP/IMP if temp directory is not C:/Temp.
Version r17564: Fix for slog3, from projects created with builds later than 17563 (including 17563, but not including beta and RC1 builds) the correct slog3 curve will be used
Version r17551: generate DCP with interop subtitle PNG or text.
Version r17541: 10 bit YUV MXF encoding fixed (source is auto-resized case)
Version r17540: IMP validation step fixes
Version r17538: fixes the issue where H264 media is mistaken for GoPro media
Version r17533: timeline window cannot be zoomed out infinitely
Version r17531: fix for gaps in conformed fcp 7 xml timelines
Version r17530: 
              : fixes: unable to delele final cut 7 xml from the database on the load page
              : Fix: double click in mixdown window volume number -> corrupt volume number
              : unnecessary Subtitle messages removed
              : alignment fix for generate button on Finalize Page
Version r17524: fix: 10 bit H264 encoder crash (temp solution)
Version r17502: removed subtitle:enable setting. It works when needed.
              : ........
              : update metadata display in new projects above the timeline window
              : ........
              : fixes Error message appears when Therese audio files Add to Bin
              : ........
              : Better 60p playback
              : ........
              : OSD,TKD: AS02 packager installer fix
              : ........
              : Timeline: crash when deleting multiple audio shots.
              : ........
              : Prores decoding: using the new faster decoder for every prores type.
              : ........
              : - AS02 packager installer fix
              : ........
Version r17477: 
              : - fix DCP generation if user re-generates into same folder
              : - KDM generator now finds KDM Generator + even if versions mismatch
Version r17475: fix: bin sorting issues (take ordering changed)
Version r17474: fix: bin sorting issues
Version r17468: fix: bin sorting issues
Version r17450: DCP finalize window defaults to "timeline" mode
Version r17433: locale, region, language code, maturity rating code in IMF CPL
Version r17414: correctly position titles on png export
Version r17411: 
              : - new setting "encode/BurninPadding" to control padding of $ShotFrameCount$
              : - new counter defined by CustomFrameCountStart tag in XML and $CustomFrameCount$ in burnin
Version r17408: Fix gpu memory leak and display driver crash when exporting png subtitles.
Version r17390: fix rare bin scroller issue
Version r17389: changing audio metadata load mechanism (fixing soundData.xml location)
Version r17388: fixed navigation between subtitles with subtitle table
Version r17386: Fix subtitle rendering sometimes becoming corrupt depending on the shadow feather value
Version r17377: Audio mixer fixes (enable mixer only if needed, fix 16bit -> 24bit conversion)
              : [OSD - Transkoder 0003191]: TK: IMP render not work at all
Version r17354: HEVC 10-bit encoding added to deliverables.
Version r17349: high bitrate MXF demuxing fixed
Version r17348: Camera Color tool (in Colorfront Engine) does not reset animation
Version r17340: GUI improvements for DCP validation)
Version r17326: Transkoder renders corrupt files in case of 5K and 4K ProRes native deliverables - fixed in OpenCL.
Version r17323: new feature in Edit menu: compensate offspeed clips. This changes the speed of off-speed shots so they play back real time
Version r17319: new "Import KDM" menu item in file menu to ingest KDM files into the KDM home folder
Version r17317: do not limit zooming out ("ctrl"+"-") like in other editing apps
Version r17306: generate 'NETFLIX' standard IMP packages (CPL)
Version r17303: being able to properly load DCPs even if KDM/key is missing
Version r17300: fixes a rare issue causing subtitles not to load
Version r17299: Metadata Window [Video][Audio] tabs
Version r17298: show bin and timeline upon opening an empty timeline
Version r17296: Ingore .metacache files on ingest / archive
Version r17292: fixes the rare issue of not selectable subtitle on the DCP Finalize window
Version r17276: Transkoder renders corrupt files in case of 5K and 4K ProRes native deliverables - fixed.
Version r17275: Ability to scroll tracks beyond border in timeline view (to allow drag'n'drop of new tracks)
              : [OSD - Transkoder 0003158]: Should be able to move tracks up/down so there is extra space
Version r17274: Audio Mixdown new look / feel
Version r17273: now users can load the same CPLs multiple times (_1, _2. etc will be added to the name)
Version r17272: fix crash upon exiting if subtitles are on the timeline but are disabled from settings
Version r17271: fixes crash when cutting audio event while waveform is processing
Version r17255: encoder list re-org, new group for Broadcast H.264 + added new H264 presets to "Web"
Version r17253: fixes thumbnails in TKD right after "Import looks folder" operation
Version r17250: shots/stills are only deleted with ctrl+Backspace if mouse pointer is near the clips (so stills and shots can be removed with the same shortcut)
Version r17249: no need to exit/reload timeline after "Import looks folder" operation, auto apply looks also works
Version r17248: .cdl files now autoapply based on TimeCode
Version r17246: fix subtitle xml parsing
Version r17243: fix for unable to generate DCP from files in 'symlink folder'. Changing DCP/IMP 'Soft links' to 'Hard links'
Version r17242: 0003031: Transkoder Engine error messages are not reported back to the database
Version r17237: pan/tilt sliders are not limited to "half image"
Version r17236: when using the $Timeline$ keyword in paths, replace spaced with _
Version r17221: fix for missing dcpdigest file. Fix for cannot author dcp package from no-audio timeline.
              : ........
Version r17213: Reframe node has wrong initial parameters
Version r17209: remove the limit of 50% scale down when reframing
Version r17198: Audio tracks can be collapsed / expanded
              : [OSD - Transkoder 0003075]: Ability to collapse audio tracks into single track
Version r17192: Panasonic GH4 mov displayed incorrectly when the QT4DecodeResolution was in 2K mode.
Version r17190: fix: splitting a shot on a dailies timeline causes the new shot not to have clip metadata
Version r17185: fix: some EDLs failed to import (eg. exported from Resolve)
Version r17183: fix for importCPL failed while authoring DCP. DCP with multi reel subtitles. DCP validation fails for encrypted packages. Wrong namespace in IMF CPL.
Version r17181: conform metadata such as LocatorName now can be used - again - for path definition on the encode page
Version r17180: Subtitle window in menu
              : [Transkoder 0002626]: Subtitle window is missing from menu list
Version r17179: various conform fixes, metadata from EDL/FCP XML is now available as Burnin (eg. $LocatorName$ from an EDL)
Version r17174: Audio Mixdown Window editing experience fixes
Version r17173: Audio Mixdown Window editing experience fixes
Version r17170: Can specify per source channel master + individual delta volumes in audio mixdown window
              : 0002874: 123456 audio channels mixed to one channel gets too noisy and distorted
Version r17168: Avid MXf render did not work, removing old opencube avid code.
Version r17163: Timeline: you can only pickup shot when you move the shot up.
Version r17162: Timeline moving will select the shot if it was not selected yet.
Version r17161: Fixes and improvements for DCP validation
Version r17155: fixes performance issues related to TimelineWindow / zoom with CTRL+numpad minus
Version r17154: some cases the imported DCP name is incorrect on the load page
Version r17153: new setting added to DCI tab: KDM Home. This is a folder to collect KDMs for DCPs (KDMs may be in the package as well)
Version r17152: fixes: sometimes corrupt frames are displayed if conformed clip's frame range is invalid
Version r17151: 0001318: If BG render queue is disabled, the actual running render job does not stop
Version r17150: remove false error messages when EDL is loaded with clips not conformed (windows)
Version r17148: fix python error when generating IMP from a timeline without audio
Version r17147: do not generate ALE for disabled Avid jobs when rendering
Version r17094: Archive will copy the correct md5 file
              : [OSD 0003042]: verification of archived footage fails in case of the most camera formats
              : part1: take the correct md5 file when copying
Version r17092: Archive will copy the correct md5 file
              : [OSD 0003042]: verification of archived footage fails in case of the most camera formats
              : part1: take the correct md5 file when copying
Version r17091: fix for cannot finalize DCP with multi reel subtitle
Version r17088: add media file browser now remembers last folder
Version r17086: fix: recalling presets on animated clips does not work correctly
Version r17083: more DCP validation step (including track file validations)
Version r17079: fixed: some settings, such as ProcessingVersion may be incorrect in a new project if DefaultSettings are present
Version r17077: Omit "Warning, node settings will not be saved. Use the Grade role please!" message in background archive process
Version r17076: Netflix initial IMF profile added
Version r17074: Fix for Phantom Flex file reading.
Version r17073: ability to generate imp or dcp from random directory media
Version r17070: mediametadata table "value" field now 5000 chars long, so Arri Look XML fits...
Version r17069: fixes a bug where Master Bin fails to load if shots with embedded Arri Look XML are in the project
Version r17067: fixes misleading error messages if IMP generation fails
Version r17066: fixes a rare case where subtitle upload fails
Version r17064: remove media from master bin feature (menu item added, can use ctrl+backspace with mouse pointer over clips in bin)
Version r17061: : Floating audio mixdown has volumes row
Version r17060: remove broken/unused LutBox update menu item
Version r17059: fix for cannot conform cpl xml with filename that not contain the 'cpl' keyword
Version r17058: fix: IMF encoder crash (no audio on timeline)
Version r17057: fix: .tiff extension supported
Version r17052: update of default DCP/IMF names
Version r17051: new keyword for path definition: $ShotNumber$ (this is 1 for the first shot, 2 for second etc)
Version r17049: new keyword for path definition: $Timeline$ (this is the loaded timeline name)
Version r17045: fix for cannot create dcp package from encrypted mxfs
Version r17042: fix: looks applied with Alt+F1/F2/... etc do not update the look name
Version r17041: fix for cannot import trimmed stereo DCI package well
Version r17040: 
              : - now users can toggle the IMF deliverable to 50fps on encode page
              : - 50fps projects can now be created
Version r17039: Playback is now real-time with the subtitle track zoomed in on the timeline.
Version r17037: improvements for importing CPL files
Version r17035: Floating audio mixdown window 16 channels / pick fixed when scaled
              : [Transkoder 0002580]: TK: Floater window for audio mixdowns
Version r17034: fix: 0002943: DVE2D node Zoom corruption
Version r17032: Floating audio mixdown window scales correctly
              : [Transkoder 0002580]: TK: Floater window for audio mixdowns
Version r17030: Floating audio mixdown window ctrl+y
              : [Transkoder 0002580]: TK: Floater window for audio mixdowns
Version r17022: ALE generator fix for clips where source FPS does not match project FPS
Version r17021: preventing the user to load "new" media in render role during dailies
Version r17020: Support for reading multitrack embedded QT audio
Version r17005: fixed jumping between keyframes, pressing A parking in a animated region -> new keyframe added
Version r17004: default maskOps mode is now "Add"
Version r17003: fixes problems when exporting Transkoder receipt from (Dailes) OSD
Version r17002: fixes crashes when using incompletely connected shape node
Version r16995: minor improvements and bugfixes for finalize trimmed timeline dcp/imp
Version r16993: generate IMP and DCP packages from trimmed timeline with correct metadatas (video/audio filename, lenght, Entrypoint etc..)
Version r16986: Permanent timebar / ruler
              : [OSD - Transkoder 0003047]: permanent timebar/ruler needed
Version r16985: 'Import CPL' menu item on loadpage
Version r16984: 'Import CPL' menu item on loadpage
Version r16979: 'Import CPL' menu item on loadpage
Version r16971: pipeline change: reframe node is now before the grading nodes, thus not in the red box
Version r16965: 
              : - fix default Project Match Indices setting
              : - fix '/' shortcut on sound page (copy metadata to last media)
Version r16958: Subtitle HUD
Version r16957: Subtitle HUD
Version r16956: Subtitle HUD
Version r16952: Add subtitle TimeIn, TimeOut parameters to metadata list
Version r16937: fix error saving some subtitles to db
Version r16931: Fix drag'n'drop into luxtores other than red
              : 0003023: unable to save more than one still of each shots to the daily lookstore for the first time
Version r16922: Blue Generate button
Version r16916: crash upon loading stereo dpx/ari sequences
Version r16914: fix: crash upon opening the sound page from an empty timeline
Version r16913: fix for cannot archive with archive path 2
Version r16901: no automatic DAX concatenation in OSD.
Version r16898: Avid render makes audio mxf files for MSO shots.
Version r16887: ALE generator change: from now on ALE LabRoll field contains what is in the database LabRoll field
Version r16886: ALE generator change: from now on ALE CamRoll field contains what is in the database CamRoll field
Version r16885: fix for PDF generator so deleted clips are not included
Version r16881: fix renderqueue starting multiple archive jobs at the same time
Version r16868: Cannot create project because of python error
Version r16862: Cannot archive prores files.
Version r16860: new burnin keyword: $BaseFileName$ (has no extension)
Version r16854: Transkoder generated encrypted packages can be opened directly from the DCP (symlink) folder (if cfdigest files are in the render folder)
Version r16850: default metadata path in OSD is in the project home / osddata like before
Version r16840: automatically generate 2 day kdm upon DCP generation
Version r16838: add error message upon loading encrypted DCPs without a valid key
Version r16821: fix: unable to set C sync point with E button on sound page
Version r16817: fixes: the playhead on sound page should jump to the current position of the cursor
Version r16813: fix regression: unable to open timeline window
Version r16807: fix: unable to enter capital C into scene/take metadata
Version r16806: fix: cannot join clips
Version r16805: fix: cut a clip in a "dailies" timeline -> after reloading shot length is incorrect
Version r16803: fix subtitles including apostrophe not being imported
Version r16800: fixes: IMP conform not working if the CPL file imported from Project page
Version r16798: fix: 'Shift+O' Setup Project Processing Template function is not working properly
Version r16780: fix for generating 3D stereo DCI DCP package
Version r16774: fix: after alt+TAB or file browsing the ALT key works only after second press
Version r16767: Merge subtitle lines with del/backspace
Version r16765: DCP/IMP generating fixes:
              : -durations and entrypoints fix if generating 'timeline'
              : -IMP contentkind fix
Version r16763: generate IMP/DCP from trimmed timeline
Version r16762: faster IMP generation
Version r16760: Adding HEVC 4K 60 Mbps and 100 Mbps encoders.
Version r16753: Subtitle node minor speed-up.
Version r16752: DNG processing fix for Blackmagic Production Camera 4K.
Version r16751: Long timeline names do not fit into the Render Window
Version r16749: pixupload.bat for windows
Version r16741: Option to use V210 sources without legal to full range conversion
Version r16725: OpenCL Curve node implementation (moved from another function, it was already implemented, just not used).
Version r16716: fix for OSD not saving still frame for one frame
Version r16712: EXR metadata injection from outside xml (ARRI)
Version r16711: fixed dpx playback from s3 crashing osd
Version r16701: Crash when exiting - fixed.
Version r16696: bad audio length on the timeline when import imp.
Version r16693: TargetBitRate option for IMF encoding, 400 Mbit target added to SONY IMF profiles
Version r16687: Timeline window is background window type
Version r16684: TargetBitRate option for IMF encoding, 400 Mbit target added to SONY IMF profiles
Version r16680: fix for DCP verify does not work for interop pacakges. Now it can handle SMPTE and Interop standard as well.
Version r16679: auto-load subtitles upon loading new DCP
Version r16678: Colorfront License Utility.exe independent of CUDA
Version r16677: Colorfront License Utility will display DCI licenses
Version r16676: subtitle files (fonts and PNGs) are searched next to the subtitle XML itself
Version r16673: Colorfront license utility will display all licenses on dongle
Version r16669: Import DCI license (and put it on the dongle)
Version r16668: Bit rate analysis is possible during encoding.
              : Reworked structure of PSNR and bit rate charts.
Version r16659: Fix for resize code
Version r16648: Sony RAW node resets to SLog3
Version r16647: store original framerate for all media in the database.
Version r16643: HD H264 10 bit MPEG-TS encoder options added.
Version r16642: i1Display calibration tolerance
Version r16641: i1Display calibration tolerance
Version r16639: MP3 encoder for windows / vorbis sound for VP9 video
Version r16635: Option to force ARRIRAW B&W processing on or off
Version r16634: fixed probe crashing on some mxf files
              : fixed probe trying to parse a movie file as a filesequence
Version r16633: fixing text measurement in gtgl library
Version r16631: fixed compositing of burnin logos
Version r16628: fix: EMD encoder works properly + per-shot audio render
              : fixed: DCI audio: Slate flag should be disabled, "Per Timeline" should be the default
Version r16622: fix for export fcp x xml no audio issue
Version r16621: remove unnecessary warning message from export fcp x xml
Version r16618: JPG look files do not show up in the red lookstore
Version r16614: EMD encoder fix
Version r16612: fix IMF encoder quality metadata handling
Version r16606: fixed sub-second subtitle timing when importing subtitles
Version r16600: subtitle TC fixed in exported DCPs with subtitle
Version r16599: Lookstore does not show up if you load a clip being in NEW status
Version r16595: fix for cannot generate DCP from Timeline
Version r16592: DCP generation fix for subtitles
Version r16584: Bit rate histogram has dynamic bin values (from 250 Mbps up to 1000 Mbps).
Version r16582: fix: double clicking on a slider -> user could not enter new value directly, needed to erase field first
Version r16580: fix: unable to generate DCP package from timeline
Version r16579: finalize window / DCP title name fixes
Version r16566: DCP digest generation fix for multi reel
Version r16564: Timeline header timecode display
Version r16558: Transkoder now can generate multi-reel DCI packages with subtitles
Version r16557: IMF/DCP/J2K encoders refactored in the encoder page menu
Version r16556: Red warning messages at changing project settings shouldn't appear
Version r16555: Red warning messages at changing project settings shouldn't appear
Version r16554: Red warning messages at changing project settings shouldn't appear
Version r16527: Waveform has better resolution when zoom into the timeline.
Version r16523: fixed black glitches appearing on subtitle texts even if border and shadow are both zero
Version r16522: fixed OglFont not handling dpi, causing text to be clipped
Version r16515: Imported clips to the V2 track will be placed at the beginning of the timeline.
Version r16512: Default mixdown is SameAsSource for all the editorial and post deliverables.
Version r16509: Able to add multiple media files with the alt+shift+A.
Version r16507: fix: Audio waveform shouldn't be regenerated after timeline operations
Version r16503: fixed subtitle border and shadow rendering
Version r16497: fixed incorrect rounding that caused cropped subtitle texts
Version r16494: IMF/DCP/J2K encoders refactored in the encoder page menu
Version r16493: more metadata imported from DCI/IMF MXF files
Version r16492: Transkoder now generates dcp folder with symbolic links for dci dcp packages
Version r16491: Finalize window titlebar displays mode
Version r16490: [OSD - Transkoder 0002881]: Load categories (timeline, xml, card, etc) text does not fit into the screen on the load page
              : Finalize scroller mouse interaction
Version r16489: IMF MXF framerate warning fixes
Version r16487: Able to add single files with "Add Media" function
Version r16486: fix for FCPX XML was not exported with relative path
Version r16484: Timeline save did not work on older projects.
Version r16480: PIX upload removing duplicates properly
Version r16479: encoder editor lists not appearing on wide displays
Version r16478: import DCI CPL with subtitles
Version r16477: PixUpload script working with aspera
Version r16472: fix for importing stereo dcp package bug
Version r16467: fix for import IMP fails for transkoder made packages (#7678)
Version r16464: Some AVCHD files crashed the system because there was not embedded audio.
Version r16462: XAVC audio did not work, 60fps audio sync offset with shift+"+" shortcut generated bad audio tc.
Version r16461: Support very long timeline names in hud list
Version r16458: IMF/DCP/J2K encoders refactored in the encoder page menu
Version r16457: conform stereo dci cpl
Version r16452: Batch edit window cosmetics
Version r16451: Fix for invalid prores generated with empty tapename.
Version r16444: DCP XML generator now generates SMPTE package as well (interop is/has been the default)
Version r16441: easyDCP DCP Digest file generation fixes
Version r16437: fix probe crashing on sony f55 footage
Version r16430: Encrypted DCPs are now properly finalized
Version r16425: Fix render failing due to resultqueuecontroller timeout
Version r16417: ScrollBar autoscroll
Version r16415: fix crash at start of rendering
Version r16412: IMF RGB 10 bit lossy QHD 800 Mbit encoder template added
Version r16411: 0 video bitrate gets displayed as "Unknown" in encoder table
Version r16410: easy DCP digest generation for KDM support
Version r16408: Can work with AVCHD files with the base/MXFType General setting.
Version r16406: fix: J2K video bitrate setting displayed as Mbits
Version r16400: update to the XML generator used during DCP finalization
Version r16394: Convert the 60fps AuditoTC to 30fps with the audio/AudioTC60to30 function.
Version r16386: Timeline 'X' zoom (zoom to playhead and its 40 frames 'hood)
Version r16385: fix probe not writing result to database when PythonHome is empty.
Version r16382: Able to render 60fps h264 files.
Version r16378: fix: exported EMDs corrupt and cannot be loaded
Version r16374: Improved encrypted DCP encoding performance
Version r16366: Name of the audio file is displayed in the timeline.
Version r16360: DCP finalization fix
Version r16355: Auto audio sync based on TC did not work in 60fps,30fps projects.
              : ........
Version r16337: Windows: avid audio-only mxf render.
Version r16336: Render avid audio-only mxf files.
Version r16334: OpenSSL updated to version 1.0.1h (asdcp library is recompiled with this version)
Version r16333: crash when the displaycudaid was 10.
Version r16329: Fix: DMS XMLs are not saved into the database
Version r16324: Timeline scroller limits set
Version r16323: DCP XML signing support for Colorfront packager
Version r16318: XML signer tool is added
Version r16314: FOX IMP FoxLogo_v4_Assembly_235_FullRange_UHD_IMF load fix
Version r16309: ARRI standard metadata injection into EXR headers
Version r16306: Timeline scrollers page up/down left/right interactions
Version r16302: Fix for color circle background texture corruption on windows
Version r16298: new menu item in Node Page's HUD (press H) to make nodes global/camera specific.
Version r16295: Fix for an extra "No Result" frame at the end of the timeline
Version r16294: reframe node resolution limit increased
Version r16292: fixes node pipeline on IMF load
Version r16291: Timeline scrollers
Version r16282: ProgressWindow behind timelinewindow
Version r16279: Native pipeline default for transkoder
              : no CSC node added if it is not needed
Version r16277: simple node pipeline for DPX and TIFF sequences
Version r16276: Hide unused settings from 'tab' page, show gui scale on top of the page
Version r16275: three step hudlist timeline list font sizing
Version r16274: two step hudlist timeline title fix
Version r16273: crash when creating camera icon
Version r16267: HudList font auto sizing in 2 steps
Version r16263: Order metadata by same index as in probe
Version r16261: DCP import crashed on the load page.
Version r16256: Fix background render failing to render.
Version r16254: Reloading modules message
Version r16249: subtitle mute will not regenerate the waveforms.
Version r16248: Timeline selection while dragging positioned fixed
Version r16247: DCI Key and Key ID generation is fixed
Version r16245: Fix when you cannot see the full timeline (and cannot move to the real end of the timeline) when the audio is longer than the video, or after moving the last shot.
Version r16244: Good audio waveform after audio cut, faster audio waveform draw.
Version r16240: DCI container is changed to MXF on the deliverable list
Version r16239: DCI Audio encoder changed to ASDCP based one
Version r16238: DCI "camera format" detection is fixed
Version r16233: random IMF and DCI crash fixed
Version r16227: stereo DCI MXF muxing added
Version r16226: 59.94 and 60 fps Avid deliverables form ExD, 720p render from ExD.
              : ........
Version r16223: Fix for BMD Pocket camera DNG playback.
Version r16218: Fixed broken subtitle cursor.
Version r16216: Calibraion related settings not appearing in alerts after leaving settings page
Version r16212: stereo DCI MXF support (left eye read only)
Version r16210: render subtitles baseline-aligned
Version r16208: imp import fix (wrong video/audio length on timeline)
Version r16203: DCI deliverables set to InterOp
Version r16202: ASDCP Audio MXF Muxer merged to OpAtom Muxer
Version r16200: Bitrate metadata encoder added
Version r16199: Bitrate metadata encoder template added
Version r16198: IMF MXF framerate is not fixed to 24
Version r16197: IMF MXF muxing is fixed
Version r16196: 24 bit audio mixing fix for wave files
Version r16195: import imf imp fixes, for trimmed video or audio
Version r16194: 24 bit audio MXF playback fix
Version r16193: OpenCL sector tool fix.
Version r16192: fix probe
Version r16190: Sony raw value (native pipeline) defaults to Slog2 instead of film log
Version r16186: fixing 23.976 Audio MXF sample calculation
Version r16184: DCI and IMF audio MXF files handling is separated
Version r16173: fixes faulty error messages upon loading DCP CPL or audio.
Version r16169: Cannot encode more than 8 channels into imf audio mxf. It will generate 16 channels audio mxf in that case.
Version r16168: disable "swipe" gestures in OSD-TKD
Version r16165: Fix blend of attention views on windows
Version r16163: Initialize modules displayed same style as the rest
Version r16162: ASDCP based J2K DCI Wrapper
Version r16158: Archive of All Takes failed in the case of exisiting source md5 files.
Version r16150: better distinction between DCI and IMF
Version r16149: subtitle table fixes
Version r16144: fixed subtitle upload
Version r16138: WAV file iXML reading fix - invalid XML tags are not parsed anymore.
Version r16137: IMF/DCP reader separation
Version r16133: ClipName metadata of Sony F55/F65 clips not correct
Version r16132: Fix multibrowse dialog crashing and not remembering last folder
Version r16131: 2770: Exiting timeline takes too much time, and there are no attention messages for user
Version r16130: adding an off-speed version of the clip (shift+/) causes the start tc in the ALE (=StartTC field in the DB) to be incorrect
Version r16122: new red option to use edge TC as main source TC
Version r16121: fixes the issue when ".ale" files are generated upon rendering via SOAP/REST
Version r16119: ASDCP J2K MXF wrapper class added
Version r16116: tako build fixes
Version r16115: Optimized G2K decoding memory usage
Version r16111: uninitialized timecode is fixed for DCI MXF
Version r16094: fix for wrong editrate and aspect ratio value in DCP package
Version r16093: encrypted DCI PCM MXF support
Version r16092: KDM support for encrypted J2K DCI MXF
Version r16090: nicer, more verbose messages when exiting a timeline
Version r16085: PSNR metadata encoder added.
Version r16080: KDM decryptor added
Version r16074: fix: J2K render file names predefined in encode XML
Version r16073: 2758: "2048x858" project resolution on project creation page
Version r16072: fix: After adding media to the bin, the Bin window is not refreshed automatically, the added clips do not show up, or the Master Bin is not selected at least.
Version r16068: fix for 'import basic fcpxml with gaps/stills creates corrupt timeline'
Version r16065: subtitle shadow offset and feather + order size is now global
Version r16063: import imp XML fixes
Version r16060: zoom in/out in timeline window with ctrl+numpad +/-
Version r16059: Encrypted MXF support thru cfdigest file
Version r16058: progress window fix for copy jobs (shows "blocks" instead of "frames")
Version r16056: ASDCP library based MXF demuxing was added
Version r16051: fixed text cursor moving to wrong location when text contained non-ascii characters
Version r16038: PDF generator update: use LUT1 or LUT2 (etc) in QC / PDF report columns
Version r16036: -delete subtitles from subtitlesTable with Shift+Backspace
              : -break editing title line to 2 pieces, with Shift+Enter
Version r16035: generic MXF demuxer
Version r16032: 4K HEVC encoding hanging issue fixed.
Version r16016: fix: Timeline view timecode header display gitch with long timelines
Version r16015: Optimized G2K encoding/decoding memory usage
Version r15999: Subtitle MXF wrapper added
Version r15998: path translation fix for custom paths used for per-clip rendering
Version r15997: stereo MXF encoder initial version
Version r15996: PSNR node blue difference fixed.
Version r15994: Select audio language on DCP Finalize page
Version r15991: subtitle selector on the DCP Finalize window (DCP generation with subtitle coming soon)
Version r15982: uploading multiple subtitle files at once
Version r15980: fix: subtitle shadow support
Version r15974: file browser change: where folders are needed only folders are browsed
Version r15972: file browser on windows now remembers last folder
Version r15970: much nicer browser on Windows
Version r15963: dcp check: am,vol,pkl,cpl - xml schema checking added
Version r15955: fix for import IMP wrong timeline name
Version r15954: fix: IMP generation missing audio
Version r15939: dcp check added steps
Version r15934: fix: timeline control selection
Version r15922: Wrong text displayed in the encoder list for Transwrap encoder.
Version r15916: AS02 encoder added
Version r15914: "4K Video mode is not licensed" false message removed.
Version r15904: color balance the vignette with the mouse
Version r15903: Sector corrector mouse HUD controls with 1/2 button fixed
Version r15900: 5 more test cases added to DCP Check Window
Version r15897: DCP check window improvements
Version r15887: fixed export transkoder receipt crashing when timeline contained audio
Version r15880: DCP automatic XYZ conversion.
Version r15877: refresh loadpage after importing xml
Version r15865: New sector tool implemented in OpenCL.
Version r15863: fix G2K encoding random hang
Version r15862: fix for IMP generation cannot find encoder job
Version r15858: import IMP xml
Version r15856: Fix for HEVC decoding, last frames are shown correctly.
Version r15852: IMP generating fixes and DCP/IMP trimmed timeline generating fixes.
Version r15847: you cannot insert audio shot into a gap.
Version r15846: sometimes you drag the audio shot instead of moving.
Version r15845: HEVC frame rate recognition fix.
Version r15844: Configurable G2K encoding quality parameters (videobitrate, quality) and new lossy QHD IMF encoder template
Version r15843: Adding 60 MBps and 100 MBps HEVC encoding options for 4K.
Version r15837: cut and join of the selected shots on the timeline.
Version r15836: IMF audio sound mixdown fixes
Version r15835: framerate fixes for audio mxf files
Version r15834: IMF audio render support
              : MXF waver code cleanup
Version r15833: Still camera raw pictures now use CFLog colorspace
Version r15816: Audio track on the time-line will be labeled by the track's first item's sTRK metadata tag
Version r15815: fix: J2K/IMF/DCP rendering uses less CPU RAM cache
Version r15814: fix: IMF encoders have MXF container instead of J2K
Version r15812: Fix for recognizing still camera formats
Version r15809: faster dcp generation, multi-threading, and beautify generator window
Version r15806: support for RedGamma4
Version r15805: Able to move the audio shots vertically
Version r15804: by default do not add burnin to TKD projects
Version r15803: dci mxf has wrong color in native project
Version r15802: CameraColor picker: left click adjusts temp/tint/expo while right click sets only temp/tint
Version r15801: introducing beta2
Version r15792: With Ctrl+Shift+M the user can switch the RAW camera matrix on/off.
Version r15791: RAW camera formats are recognized.
Version r15780: support for DragonColor colorspace for RED
Version r15779: still camera formats have proper color pipeline (canon eos, nikon, sony a7)
Version r15775: fixed command line renderer disregarding render/EncoderFile option
Version r15774: Camera Color node draws little overlay on screen when picking white point
Version r15773: shortcut for auto-white balance in the camera color node (ctrl+shift+Left click)
Version r15771: auto white balance in camera color node
Version r15770: dcp generating fixes and improvements
Version r15768: fixed render crash when receipt contained a number in ShortDescription
Version r15767: GPU memory usage limitation for G2K encoding/decoding on older GPUs
Version r15765: Timeline selection changes: single click: single selection, ctrl+clik: add to selection
Version r15763: Fixed renderqueue starting multiple background render jobs at the same time
Version r15762: Audio channel names configurable from the metadata tab of Settings pages. TODO: detection from WAV files.
Version r15759: Fix when audio shot dragging duplicates the shot.
Version r15758: fix: application hangs after interrupting the rendering process
Version r15749: Able to reorder audio clips
Version r15748: Able to cut and join audio clips with ctrl+alt+'c' and ctrl+alt+'j'
Version r15739: HEVC encoder now renders with correct frame rates.
Version r15737: improved vignette tool
Version r15731: fix: application never closes after loading a J2K timeline
Version r15729: dcp conform fixes (audio enabled), dcp generating fixes for source 'Timeline'
Version r15728: default mixdown is now 5+1 pass-through
Version r15722: fix for XYZ mxf gamma when playing back
Version r15716: dcp conform fix for 'namespaced' dcp xmls
Version r15715: dcp generating fixes (speed up)
Version r15712: 10bit h264 encoders on mac: TODO: crashing at encode
Version r15709: fix: unable to drag still from RED timeline to stillstore if GPU debayer is used
Version r15705: DCP MXF Audio length fix
Version r15703: per shot DCP render naming fix
Version r15699: DCP Audio MXF support (wip)
Version r15695: Merge of fix for Noisy embedded audio playback from Alexa prores.
Version r15674: IMF IMP finelize window fixes
Version r15670: fix for error when dragging a still from a RED clip to the stillstore
Version r15665: fix for pullback report does not contain thumbnails
Version r15660: fix for undetermined result if import emd (lookblend values)
Version r15642: Selected,Highlighted render modes displayed bad render length during the rendering.
Version r15640: Auto render modes did not work.
Version r15637: Crash when try to select a bin from the binwindow.
Version r15632: fix for cannot export emd files
Version r15630: fix for failed DCP generation
Version r15629: 0002727: TK: 2K Scope DCP finalize is working in Windows command line, but not working in OSD-TKD
Version r15628: bluray encoding, h264 decoding issues fixed on 12 core machines
Version r15625: DCP packaging fixes (per timeline render bug fix), and other improvements
Version r15622: dci dcp conform fixes
Version r15612: 10 bit h.264 decoded as 10 bit
Version r15610: Finalize windows improvements for DCI DCP packaging the rendered media
Version r15609: 0002721: TK: Sony F5 XAVC playback is not realtime
              : H.264 10 bit decoding was corrupt on dual 12 core machines
Version r15607: fix for cannot conform edl or fcp7/x
Version r15605: open user guide from menu fix
Version r15584: Crash when loading a WAV file to the timeline - fixed.
Version r15580: optimized GPU auto-setup for J2K encoding/decoding
Version r15577: fixes color metadata issues with newly added media dragged to the timeline
Version r15570: XAVC read support fixed - mantis #0002650 -
Version r15566: fixes regression: unable to Add Media from the load page
Version r15548: user guide added for Windows installer
Version r15542: Multi Reel DCP Support
Version r15541: Mainconcept H.264 Broadcast SDK added
              : Custom H.264 10 bit encoder added
Version r15532: user guide added to menu shortcuts
Version r15527: J2K/MXF decoding 3x performance improvement
Version r15526: a still grabbed from the timeline to the stillstore does not have thumbnail
Version r15524: fix for conform dcp timelines
Version r15523: Integrating libRAW for reading still images.
              : Removing Sound dependency on Img
Version r15522: Fix for very slow bin loading.
Version r15520: conform dcp xml/folder fix
Version r15518: Fix: multiple systems working on the same date -> possible hang on one system during TL load
Version r15513: fix: audio disappears upon entering and leaving the sound page
Version r15512: change the default Bin icon labels
Version r15507: SMPTE/Interop DCI MXF generation added
Version r15506: OSD from now will generate pdf reports with raw size data
Version r15502: fix for some reports cannot be generated from the menu
Version r15495: Fixing cache problems when there is a gap in timeline (It was mainly affecting the performance of the Canon 1DC playback - made it non-real-time).
Version r15488: pullback report fix for new timeline architecture
Version r15486: export blue luxtore contents to iPad (shift+B) working again
Version r15484: Japanese splash screen issues fixed
Version r15482: Reformatting the time measurement output for better readability.
Version r15480: Highlighted metadata render crashed on multishot timeline with 1 selected shot.
Version r15471: fix for cannot 'Generate pdf from bin'
Version r15467: EMD metadata encoder on mac.
Version r15465: metadata overlay is restored from default project preferences upon creating a new project
Version r15463: XML data from wave files is now written to the database, if it contains more information than the broadcast description. Frame rate is now read correctly.
Version r15462: daily report generator fixes (generate report as shoot day)
Version r15461: "Add media" shortcut Alt+A
Version r15460: fix:J2K 10bit RGB playback color issue
Version r15459: bug: sometimes iXML audio metadata is not loaded, if the iXML chunk is at the tail of the audio file, OSD fails to import it - fixed.
Version r15458: Able to display framerate and dropframe using the "FramRate" and "DropFrame" keywords in the Bin and Timeline metadata.
Version r15457: Corrupted lines of the phantom 4K image in 4K config.
Version r15456: Crash if the startup.xml is missing.
Version r15455: Metadata renders disappear from the deliverable page after a render.
Version r15454: Missing line of the rendered Lustre 3D lut.
Version r15448: media dragged to the second track does not jump to 00:00:00:00 if the timeline is not empty
Version r15444: Reformatting the time measurement output for better readability.
Version r15440: Record Timecode should be correct now on burnins, metadata display above timeline, and rendered media
Version r15439: F55 2K footage looks weird on the new MacPro in OpenCL
Version r15437: Phantom OpenCL fix: some phantom clips caused crash.
Version r15436: Encrypted DCI MXF support (WIP)
Version r15434: fix for 0002687: Bin plus button creates multiple new bins at once
Version r15430: fix for mhl checksum generating on windows
Version r15429: undo/redo is broken
Version r15428: Canon 1DC and Alexa Prores format bin import fix.
Version r15427: fix for 0002687: Bin plus button creates multiple new bins at once
Version r15422: Via startup.xml detailed time measurement is possible for the application startup, creating projects and switching between projects and timelines and also for exiting
Version r15418: EMD metadata encoder + generate EMDs even if folder is not created beforehand
Version r15413: alt+click on thumbnail timeline after load a "new" timeline caused random errors
Version r15402: daily report and manifest generator minor fixes
Version r15398: New functionality: rendering and playing MKV files with HEVC stream in HD and 4K.
Version r15396: fix for missing 'export fcpxml' menu item
Version r15395: RED Transwrapping with new TransWrap deliverable.
Version r15393: path translation is applied to custom render paths as well
Version r15391: Dpx timecode detection fix: wrong timecode detected..
Version r15389: Monitor calibration is applied to the whole screen - including the GUI. That should also fix inconsistent behavior, when the calibration was applied for some views and for some others it was not. Note that the loading screen and the main menu is not calibrated, the corrected colors appear only when a timeline is loaded.
Version r15388: color pipeline fix for IMF MXF
Version r15387: fix for scrolling in timeline bar
Version r15385: better error handling in IMF IMP generation
Version r15383: finalize window update (nicer, better)
Version r15382: IMF IMP generation in the finalize window (shift+D)
Version r15380: DCI package generation in the finalize window (shift+D)
Version r15379: IMP package creation added
Version r15376: fix for win receipt export (cut_extended.xml)
Version r15375: Bad result if rendering PIX720 and mpg from the same Result.
Version r15374: Fixed dax render not working when the filename contains space
Version r15373: fix for 'Exporting Transkoder Recipe will not respect cut file trim values'. Extended cut file from now will be exported.
Version r15371: subtitles now can be muted with menu shortcut
Version r15369: fix: CDL sliders cannot be controlled with mouse by pressing 1/2/3...
Version r15367: fixes: faulty looks auto-applied if looks folder is empty
Version r15366: Enabling CPU option for RED debayer
Version r15365: Added audio did not saved if the audio dragged from a loaded bin.
Version r15362: preinstall does not delete
Version r15359: installer keeps old htdocs/v*
Version r15354: Bin reloaded after come back from deliverables page.
Version r15340: Prores render crashed.
Version r15338: Fixed when RED thumbnails for audio files in Bin.
Version r15330: thumbnail for audio files in bin
Version r15325: Fix for missing smpte timecode in cine files causing a hang on load.
Version r15317: Fix for Phantom in OpenCL
Version r15316: Timeline slip, move, delete will update the timeline length for render.
Version r15313: fix: burnin posx/posy sliders broken
Version r15311: Fixed renderqueue starting multiple renders at once despite specifying -x 1 option.
Version r15310: Fix for 0002588: TK: generated files have no sound
Version r15305: making sure projects created with 2014 build are visible in 2013 post-release builds to avoid compatibility issues
Version r15304: introducing gui/DefaultJKLSpeed setting to allow high speed playback with J and L buttons
Version r15303: Camera Color works correctly if media is missing (in case of "As Shot" setting)
Version r15299: Merge of 15270,15283,15298: *ExD*: Failed DAX render with mixed HD and 2K prores timeline, DAX360 render did not have audio.
Version r15296: fix: Bin reorder fixes
Version r15295: fix for cannot import audio with Add Media
Version r15293: fixes regression: unable to open Shift+O page in node view
Version r15291: error handling improvement if media is missing
Version r15282: Fix: often wrong pipeline was created if root/date/format/card structure was used
Version r15280: conform Table fixes for fcpxml
Version r15278: Lut expiry date policy change - now loading lut and look files without specified date is valid.
Version r15276: Enabling 4K video out for ExD,OSD without 4K license.
Version r15275: Old folder names chained to new for copy and ingest config files.
Version r15263: conform fixes for gaps
Version r15260: make sure no audio is listed in the "checklist" page of the project
Version r15258: fix: unable to cut shot with shift+C
Version r15257: ACES support in RED node with the new SDK
Version r15241: fixes: shift+C shortcut for cutting a shot does not work
Version r15238: Adding expiry date to the looks. If the currently read look file is expired, then it will not be loaded.
Version r15237: Fixing the recognition of the current date and time in the Windows build. Previously the application showed the false month (one month more than the current date) and the time in UTC timezone. Now it shows the correct date in the local timezone.
Version r15235: enabling cards and vtrolls on Transkoder's load page
Version r15230: SubtitlesTable now can be edited - (Text, TimeIn, TimeOut)
Version r15229: ALE generator produced an incorrect ALE on conformed/edited timeline
Version r15228: initial Transkoder option in OSD: if you have T3 license with OSD, it will run as Transkoder.
Version r15225: OSD moved into the OSD2014 folder.
Version r15221: Merge 15216: In some render configuration the avid render's first frame is bad. Example render config: command line render from Dragon with 4K config into Avid 115 and PIX720.
Version r15218: fix for DefaultSettingsLocal.xml has wrong metadata path (import / export / duplicate projects)
Version r15217: fix: new media dragged from the master bin has incorrect raw color setting
Version r15213: New function to export the measured PSNR values to a text file.
Version r15212: HEVC encoder framerate can be set via the GUI.
Version r15211: Red 5.0 SDK GPU SDK 1.0
Version r15209: Fix for reading Canon C300 format on Windows.
Version r15208: improving grade load mechanism
Version r15207: fix: if burnin tool is active and node page is on -> user can still incorrectly click into the burnin text
Version r15203: Enabling new prores render on Windows and 4K for every product.
Version r15202: Merge of rev15189: noisy audio render from long embedded audio
Version r15200: fix for fcpx conform timeline frame numbers
Version r15192: Fixing the scrubbing for XDCAMEX MPEG2 files
Version r15191: audio files cause project not to initialize properly
Version r15188: Fix for ACESproxy curve
Version r15187: Colour fix for CSC node in case of LogC input and ACES output
Version r15175: possible render error fix when rendering avid and qt prores together.
Version r15174: fix: deleted shots do not appear in checklist
Version r15172: fcpx conform fix
Version r15169: fixes auto application of live EMDs
Version r15168: updated Amira HUD
Version r15167: add conform table to the menu
Version r15153: movie render fix.
Version r15152: intermittent sound noise when audio from sony embedded audio with 29.97 and 59.94 framerate.
Version r15148: conform FCP7 fix
Version r15144: When there was no existing project in the workspace, the luts and looks were not loaded either - Fixed.
Version r15140: PSNR values are in sync with the displayed frame, not with the processed one.
Version r15097: fix: look saturation is incorrectly read from the arri raw header
Version r15082: Bitrate graph added;
              : PSNR graph sync fixes;
Version r15061: Bigger max timeline height.
Version r15060: Splitview did not switch back with "F1".
Version r15024: Audio and video track has different height. You can modify it by dragging top of the audio track. 'C' will not centre timeline vertically.
Version r15007: red OpenCL fix: only the half image was good.
Version r15005: canon1dc did not work in 2K mode.
Version r15004: new version of red sdk for mac.
Version r14993: orange screen for Missing Media (shots not conformed)
Version r14985: stereo timelines loaded corrupt from database
Version r14973: clips not conformed are now red on the timeline
Version r14972: faster opening of the load page when creating/changing projects
Version r14958: sometimes unable to drag clips to timeline
Version r14956: make Amira node not part of the grading nodes
Version r14954: opencl exr fix.
Version r14952: soundpage is available.
Version r14950: Color metadata from header is properly applies to clips when dragged from the master bin to the timeline
Version r14947: always stop rendering if there was an error reading source files
Version r14944: PSNR graph added to GUI
Version r14943: FXP 7 conform fix for reverse playback (speedchange = -100)
Version r14927: HEVC format also has simplified timeline
Version r14919: amira has nice image upon project creation
Version r14916: simple node pipeline for J2K and DCI MXF media
Version r14915: python error when opening an empty timeline
Version r14898: fix for crashing if edited subtitle becomes empty
Version r14895: splitview functionality: select a track with ctrl+left+click, then press F2 or F3 to go into splitview mode, or F1 to go back from that mode.
Version r14894: Fix for OpenCL DPX reading
Version r14890: Fix for Reframe node in OpenCL.
Version r14885: CPPLib based DCP post process added
Version r14883: subtitle caching fix
Version r14877: Mac prores encoder will add the timecode track itself.
Version r14875: auto-center timeline upon dragging shots into it
Version r14871: FXP 7 conform fixes (reverse, title generator - black frames)
Version r14870: fix cut/timeline rendering in the background
Version r14869: fix background rendering (windows)
Version r14863: auto-create pipeline for J2K (DCI) and EXR (Linear ACES)
Version r14860: 2014 versions will run only on 10.9 because of new apple timecode library.
Version r14836: No Result in the case of empty timeline.
Version r14834: New transcoder splash screen.
Version r14833: DCI XML conform
Version r14828: cannot add media from generated folder.
Version r14824: Changing the resolution of encoders from Native to Auto, reflecting how it works (eg native if no resize, otherwise uses custom scale)
Version r14823: DCI MXF initialization fix
Version r14821: Initial DCP package creation added
Version r14810: wkhtmltopdf update to 0.12.0 (windows)
Version r14806: remove unused DPX encode templates from encoder list
Version r14805: OpenCL version of LookBlend and DisplayLook node
Version r14802: QC and manifest document generating fixes, updated wkhtmltopdf script to v0.12.0
Version r14790: PRores audio: last chunk missing from QHD prores files.
Version r14788: Conform fix: should not consider deleted files
Version r14787: new HUD for Amira Node
Version r14785: mxf muxer cache is flushed at close
Version r14781: Support for Arri Amira
              : - new Amira color pipeline
              : - read Amira look from header
              : - apply CDL and 3D mesh from header
Version r14778: QC pdf generating fix
Version r14777: Prores audio chunk optimization:1 sec audio in a chunk.
Version r14770: Initial Open Cube DCI audio muxer
Version r14764: J2K/DCP/IMF decoding added
Version r14762: Prores4444 encode chunk fix.
Version r14756: Windows prores encoder chunk optimization.
Version r14734: add time stamp to grades table
Version r14732: ignore deleted shots when conforming and on the VTRoll page
Version r14709: Kona4 support
Version r14695: framerate fix for HEVC MP4
Version r14694: 5D mov files did not work.
Version r14691: import 'bin' format fcpxml fix
Version r14673: LookBlend node normalizes the mixed value (works this way only over processing version 14670)
Version r14666: Windows prores encoding.
Version r14662: enhanced Colorfront Engine node pipeline
Version r14657: able to open Alexa Amira footage
Version r14651: enable "initials" feature for Blu-Ray encoder
Version r14647: invalid audio events listed in right side table
Version r14640: fix:J2K instant crash on OSD
Version r14638: fix rare issue: unable to reposition a burnin
Version r14632: background render properly reports progress
Version r14630: J2K instant crash on OSD
Version r14608: fix for save subtitle xml to database with 'Ctrl+S' keypress
Version r14603: Red 4.6 SDK GPU SDK 0.9
Version r14588: subtitles table editing function with ctrl+c/x/v hotkeys
Version r14584: DCI MXF multiple threads decoding support
Version r14569: export 'timeline' and 'bin' format fcpxml
Version r14561: fixes "no result" shown on empty timeline
Version r14553: Short description is shown for the selected look under the popup button.
Version r14550: GPU memory allocation fix (for cards with 4GB>= memory)
Version r14547: DCI/IMF encoding and profiles
Version r14543: setting project resolution upon creating a project has no effect, project always starts at HD
Version r14540: fix of render crash when generating prores from sony xavc 59.95 with embedded audio.
Version r14535: audio sync issue with rendering from long 59.94 XAVC files.
Version r14524: ingest manifest document generating fix
Version r14523: recursive S3 directory parsing
Version r14521: new sort option for QC report generation so sorting based on source TC is possible
Version r14517: Short description is shown for each look in the popup menu
Version r14515: Blu-ray chapter timing fix
Version r14512: new $origFileNameWithGeneratedFolder1$ metadata to define encoder path.
Version r14508: LookBlend node crashed when there is no lut
Version r14505: Probe media with the -probe -path /Volumes/media command line parameters.
Version r14503: Blu-ray chapter generating fix
Version r14499: BlendLook node is now capable of executing matrix multiplication before the LUT operation.
Version r14486: FCPxml: import speed change values too
Version r14478: FCPX xml minor export fixes
Version r14474: Able to select audio clips, able to delete selected audio clips, able to move the audio clips.
Version r14461: transkoder engine do not load default timeline
Version r14459: DPX did not work in OpenCL.
Version r14453: FCPX xml import fix
Version r14447: Fix: stillstore version thumbnails do not auto-close, and impossible to close manually
Version r14446: fix: Short name of still store thumbnails get lost upon re-load
Version r14445: Arri RAW metadata injected into the DPX header (new project required)
Version r14433: you can define a path instead of a cut file with -path transcoder command line parameter as input media.
Version r14432: able to parse folders using the cut file. If there is a * at the end of the filename.
Version r14419: original grade will be applied at EDL conform instead of generating a new one.
Version r14407: Initial version of audio: able to drag and drop audio files onto the timeline and save/load audio.
Version r14406: Colorfront License Utility requires no cuds
Version r14388: load DCI MXF using opencube library by default
Version r14387: S3 media parsing added
Version r14382: Packing x265 encoded HEVC essence to MP4
Version r14380: FCPX exporter fix
Version r14378: Feature for loading encrypted and compressed look files added.
Version r14371: Fix: stills deleted from the stillstore reappear after reload
Version r14370: Fix: OSD does not save EDL timelines, they are always (NEW)
Version r14362: Minimum CUDA toolkit version requirement for Mac OS X is now 5.5.28 on NVIDIA systems
Version r14360: mhl verification fix for multiple mhl files in one labroll
Version r14351: Many Red shots' render crashed after a while
Version r14350: CMallocation error messages when there is no input audio in prores render.
Version r14347: render length displayed incorrectly and the rendered shot's uniqueid was the same for the same source.
Version r14343: 12 bit color depth support on Kona 3G / Windows
Version r14338: the audio of the second shot is missing if we render new prores.
Version r14328: HEVC MP4 muxing added to mainconcept encoder
Version r14323: mxfdebug profile option to debug OpAtom and Op1a muxing
Version r14317: Sony XAVC fix for windows
Version r14316: Properly handling dissolve and wipe events (convert to hard cut)
Version r14313: fix stillstore compare feature (numpad 5)
Version r14311: Feature for loading encrypted and compressed LUT files added.
Version r14309: Fix: Stillstore is not saved properly
Version r14306: EDL conform fix
Version r14303: fix: rare crash during waveform generation
Version r14302: fix: stillstores do not work properly
Version r14301: trimmed embedded audio rendered wrong audio.
Version r14300: Multiple deliverable render crashed.
Version r14297: FCP did not see the drop frame mode of the generated QT files.
Version r14294: remove the misleading Color Temp slider from the Sony RAW node
Version r14293: fix, unable to open Cuts tab on load page
Version r14292: Fix for rare crash in timeline draw
Version r14290: cursor pos/size fixes
Version r14284: SplashScreen fix for AJA - stereo mode
Version r14275: Show subtitle table menu added
Version r14274: Letterboxing no longer renders a black line on the left of the image
              : ........
Version r14267: subtitle fixes
Version r14265: fix an error causing luxtores not to load
Version r14264: Auto Apply EMDs from live
Version r14259: Dropframe timecode: sometimes the dropframe status was bad.
Version r14258: able to cache Sony Raw movie metadata
Version r14256: Stereo support: compile fix and missing new timeline loader php script.
Version r14254: Stereo support: add stereo media, save and load timeline. If you add a folder like /volumes/301A then the left and right should be in /volumes/301A/301AL and /volumes/301A/301AR.
Version r14252: subtitle/unicode fixes: editing, saving
Version r14251: cursor fix on GUI
Version r14250: able to use additional metadata in render path definitions like $MediaMetadata:Width$
Version r14249: Fix: imported looks in the red lookstore are not working (cannot apply grade by dragging them)
              : Fix: stillstore visible in TAB page
Version r14246: show speed change if metadata display (E) is on
Version r14237: saving the speed change effect to DB (cont.)
Version r14234: saving the speed change effect to DB
Version r14230: change the speed of any shot from the edit menu
Version r14223: Python error in Stereography tool, ma cause issues upon startup
Version r14218: PSNR node added for calculating peak signal-to-noise ratio.
Version r14216: python error in Stereo Fuse Tool
Version r14211: automatically set the correct color space upon opening the shift+O window
Version r14209: audio waveform draw fix (it "grows" while it is calculated)
Version r14205: fix for possible crash upon working with Sony RAW media
Version r14192: subtitle menu on mac missed export item
Version r14187: ALE generator fix - audio files should be not included
Version r14186: audio files in shots table cause issues in ALE and load page
Version r14185: Finalize window added to menu, post-concatenation fixed
Version r14179: transkoder job render does not fail if startup or settings xmls are empty
Version r14178: FCP X xml bug fix for audio sync
Version r14173: Native resolution encoding into DPX,TIF,EXR and Prores. Display the image resolution on the node and deliverable page.
Version r14172: fix: conformed timeline not saved if offline is on other track
Version r14170: FCP X xml bug fix for 23.976FPS
Version r14167: fix for possible bug in timeline save
Version r14165: PDF generator fix (audio files cause invalid entries)
Version r14164: ALE generator fix
Version r14159: temporally disable audio mxf encoder for dcp
Version r14157: faster DCP Encoder
Version r14153: Wrong timecode in the editing media, handle did not added.
Version r14149: FCP X xml bug fixes (crash if no cdl tool, if metadatas are missing)
Version r14146: drop frame state was not inserted into the quicktime.
Version r14145: added export FCP X xml
Version r14136: export FCP X xml
Version r14133: Output image correction based on monitor measurement/calibration results.
Version r14132: Import Production Audio menu item added, so timecode based audio sync is possible
Version r14129: Added AudioOriginalLength field to the shots table to track the length of the original audio file
Version r14124: Able to disable audio render info FCP deliverables using the encode/FCPAudio setting.
Version r14119: FCP encode type setting removed, because the new faster apple prores encoder is used for everything on Mac.
Version r14118: Final new and faster apple prores encoder on MacOS X. Missing new OpenCL programs header.
Version r14117: Final new and faster apple prores encoder on MacOS X.
Version r14112: fix: buffer player, file sequence number counting
Version r14109: 'Import looks folder' menu item added so external looks - such as cdl, ccc, emd - can be imported into the red stillstore
Version r14108: remove false warnings from log about luts not being loaded
Version r14107: Nvidia driver version detection (Windows only feature)
Version r14101: file sequence fix for 'Add Media'
Version r14099: selective rendering did not work.
Version r14097: fixes rare error upon saving the timeline
Version r14096: remove false error messages about missing thumbnail files
Version r14094: If ShootDay is a text -> event table is not updated upon rendering
Version r14091: support of 24+ timecode in DPX header
Version r14088: DCI MXF muxing
Version r14073: ALE generator fix
Version r14072: Font fix on the Encode page (P)
Version r14071: Fix: Camera Color node reset issue on the Element KB panel
Version r14068: HEVC Encoder fix for Mac OS X
Version r14059: CUDA version detection fix
Version r14056: fix SpaceBalls scroll Y
Version r14055: fix rare crash upon loading a multitrack timeline
Version r14052: fix rare bug where timeline is not saved to the database
Version r14046: Fix for Sony debayering method
Version r14042: Timeline is not saved in drop-frame mode.
Version r14034: Fix for sgamut3 processing
Version r14033: switch to 9.8 version main concept library for Mac
Version r14031: fix: color grade versions are not selectable
Version r14027: check if Cuda 5.x is installed and issue error message if not
Version r14023: Camera Color and LookBlend interaction fixes
Version r14010: important Drop Frame TC fix
Version r14008: CameraColor on Element KB panel
Version r14003: fix: unable to load fcp7 timeline with missing media for the second time
Version r13984: cannot create Colorfront Engine pipeline (missing file)
Version r13977: MediaPath incorrectly set in the database
Version r13976: encoder page fixes ('P')
Version r13971: Remove unwanted settings from Tab page
Version r13964: edit subtitle on screen
Version r13961: force-update image on screen if grade is dragged onto it
Version r13955: timeline cut did not work correctly.
Version r13951: fix: conformed timeline with additional video track not saved in the DB
Version r13950: mhl exe fix
Version r13948: 6K config did not work on mac.
Version r13947: 6K config on mac.
Version r13946: mac mhl installer fix
Version r13945: mhl exe fix
Version r13942: pullback report/restore document pdf generator
Version r13940: Timeline: more tolerance in the guy to drag the begin and the end of the shots.
Version r13939: Fix: leaving TAB page the PanelType settings is always changed -> causing load page reload
Version r13937: Timeline: able to slip shots while dragging the begin and end of a shot
Version r13936: Fix: long timelines fail to save to DB
Version r13934: Fix: fcp7 timelines cannot be loaded after 2nd load
Version r13933: Shift+O window updateProject, conform fixes
Version r13931: Timeline: able to move shots on the track, and able to pickup and place it somewhere else
Version r13925: DVD tako install name tool fix
Version r13923: fix load project by double click on load page
Version r13922: conform fix
Version r13916: MAC - libfreetype libftgl installer fix
Version r13914: fix, only Colorfront pipeline contains sector corrector by default
Version r13906: new default color pipeline (Colorfront)
Version r13905: fix possible hang due to missing fonts
Version r13900: 
              : - MFX Op1a muxing of IMF MXF for double GPU
              : - J2K encoder uninit called
Version r13897: Drag to timeline indicator, grade drag is working on the timeline on the first track in grade mode
Version r13883: Drag and Drop from bin to timeline (first version), tc display fix on the timeline
Version r13878: MAC: libftgl runscript install_name_tool fixes
Version r13877: MAC: libftgl2.1.3 Xcode project created
Version r13876: MAC: libftgl icu support/ subtitle unicode thumbnails
Version r13867: DisplayCudaID disables the gpu just for playback, but still uses for rendering.
Version r13864: Prores QHD,4K render templates
Version r13862: qtmetadata, fix for 'space' in Volume name h264 conc.
Version r13854: character handling fix
Version r13853: New node processing pipelines
Version r13797: Reframe node displays project resolution on HUD
Version r13796: Do not crash on invalid XML load
Version r13789: fix: menu now works in big timeline view (numpad 3)
Version r13786: Ask for destination folder upon exporting timeline EMD
Version r13783: fix: do not update the LUTname metadata field using the Arri Look Name from the header if no compatible nodes are present in the pipeline
Version r13775: rare crash upon opening timeline view
Version r13772: fix for random crash (cfhelper)
Version r13770: Fix: unable to load project by double-click
Version r13761: improved error handling for broken project settings
Version r13752: crash upon importing audio files
Version r13746: fixed default GUI scale